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Handwork Teacher - Part time

Feb 09 2017 | Novato Charter School | Novato, California

Novato Charter School is seeking a part-time Handwork educator for grades 1-8 who is enthusiastic about Waldorf education, experienced with elementary-age children, and knowledgeable and passionate about the handwork curriculum through the grades.

What we’re looking for in a handwork teacher:
• Experience and training with Waldorf Handwork curriculum and teaching methods
• Experience teaching in elementary school
• Classroom management that is neither permissive nor punitive, and that is based on developing the children’s intrinsic motivation
• Willingness to collaborate and be a reflective teacher and staff member

We offer a working environment that allows artistic expression and creativity, plus the freedom to address the developmental needs of the child.

To apply, send resume & a short email about yourself to [email protected]

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