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Seeking a nanny to welcome to our home

Feb 22 2017 | home | Napa, California

Seeking a nanny

Our family is looking to welcome a nanny who is Waldorf oriented.

We are a family of 4, living in West Napa, CA. Our daughter is newly 4 years old and attends a Waldorf preschool 3 mornings per week. She is easy-going, fun loving and joyful! Our son is 7 months old and is very sweet. He enjoys sitting, grabbing and watching his big sister.

The days for care are Tuesday and Thursday 9:15am-5pm and Wednesday 9:15am-12pm. Additional hours available during school breaks/summer. Hours can also be somewhat flexible.

Our ideal nanny would have some experience in Waldorf; having attended, taught, taken classes in, read about and/or had children in such a program. We are looking for engagement with imaginative play, stories, cooking/baking, painting or crafts. Spending time outdoors each day is a high priority and we work very hard to maintain a rhythm in the home. We place a very high emphasis on free play and our children do not watch TV or devices.

I work from the home and will often be present to assist with the children as needed.

There are no dietary restrictions and our children do not have special needs. We enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients and rarely eat fast food or junk food. We don’t have any pets.

Please contact me with your interest and questions.

[email protected]


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