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grades teacher

Feb 26 2017 | Seeking | anywhere

I love the Waldorf method. It really fuels the soul of both the teacher and the students while giving a more balanced rhythm to life. I grew up on 15 acres in WA with horses, dogs, cats, bunnies and turtles. It was a life full of joy and imagination. I believe that due to my upbringing, I'm a better story teller today.
I am a grades teacher with experience teaching 1st grade, a combined 3/4th grade class, and 6th grade. I have also been a kindergarten assistant. I have a Waldorf teaching certificate, a BA and a masters in education and will graduate with a post graduate certificate in equine assisted learning August 1st. I am seeking a grades position which offers $36,000/year and health benefits. Thank you for your time and consideration. [email protected]

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