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High School

High School Student Mentor/Counselor

Mar 03 2017 | San Francisco Waldorf School | San Francisco

This is a temporary, part-time position for six weeks at the end of the 16/17 academic year and six weeks at the beginning of the 17/18 academic year: April 24-June 9, 2017 & Aug 22-Sept 30, 2017; summer off.


SFWS is seeking an experienced part-time counselor to cover a three-month maternity leave in a healthy, small community high school (150 students). The High School Student Mentor acts as a resource to support students as they journey through four years of high school education during their adolescent years, supporting the development of positive self-esteem, helping students identify behavior patterns that may hinder their success, and acting as an adult guide to assist students in learning to make healthy choices that unfold their full potential. The High School Mentor supports students on a day-to-day basis, refers students and families to outside counselors as appropriate, and is a member of our Individualized Learning Committee.

Qualifications of the High School Mentor

The Mentor will have a vision of the direction education must take in order to speak meaningfully to the teenager of today and a developmental understanding of the adolescent. We are seeking a Licensed MFT or LCSW and/or PPS credential. Intern level MFT or LCSW may be considered. A true interest in and ability to connect with teens is a must, as well as excellent organizational and communication skills. Knowledge and experience with Waldorf Education preferred but not required for this interim position.

Responsibilities of the High School Mentor (Counselor)

• The types of support provided to students will include anything from helping them prioritize tasks or make a to-do list (time/stress management) to helping a student manage a mental health diagnosis (ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, etc.).
• The types of support provided to students and families may include: manage student crises; contact CPS if required; consult with guardians and provide family or student with relevant referrals for outside counseling or other resources within and outside of the school; obtain release and consult as needed with outside professionals who are working with our students such as therapists, medical doctors, psychiatrists and social workers; facilitate conversation between student and teacher; facilitate conflict resolution meetings between students.
• HS Mentor is expected to appropriately document all meetings with students, families, and teachers according to their license standards.
• 9th Grade: Attend the spring orientation for the incoming freshman and support them as they transition into high school; Orientation team member at the beginning of school.
• Member of the Individualized Learning Committee (ILC); attend weekly ILC meetings to discuss students with learning differences. Facilitate or attend meetings with students and parents regarding behavior / learning needs as needed. Attend Academic and Behavior Probation meetings.
• Coordinate the Peer Counseling Program, including recruiting, training and supporting this group of seniors in their effort to support underclassmen emotionally and bridge the gap between the older and younger grades.
• May support the Health Class (9th through 11th grade) and assist in evaluating the Health Class curriculum.

Benefits and Compensation:

• This is a temporary, non-exempt, hourly position.
• Hours may range from 24 to 40 hours per week.
• Benefits include San Francisco Sick Paid Sick Leave and San Francisco Health Care Ordinance.

Physical Requirements and Work Environment:

• Be able to occasionally lift up to 30 lbs.
• Work intermittently in outside weather conditions, including heat and cold
• Regularly sitting or standing 4-8 hours

FLSA Classification: Hourly, Non-exempt from overtime

Reports to: High School Chair

Hired by: High School Steering Committee

Date Modified: March 2017

San Francisco Waldorf School is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, or any protected class.

Please send resume and letter of interest to [email protected]

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