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Nanny/Live-In Nanny

Mar 10 2017 | Seeking | Oregon, Humboldt County, or Grass Valley areas

Late 20 year old gal seeks to be a nanny or live-in Nanny.
Warm-hearted, compassionate, mellow individual
Very Waldorf-influenced, wants to provide Waldorf-type care

Rhythm, routine, purposeful work, arts and crafts, music, singing, movement, character and sense of self building, cooking, lots of time spent outside, walks, and imaginative play will be provided

2 years preschool teaching experience
1 year spent working at a Waldorf School as a preschool assistant
12 completed Early childhood education units
Several years (at least 5 years) experience as a nanny for different families

Interests are nature, music, song writing, gardening, arts and crafts, yoga, and is always working on inner spiritual growth in terms of cosmic and earthly perspective, has great passion and joy in being with children

Looking to relocate from Davis to somewhere in Oregon, Humboldt County, or Grass Valley area...though open to hear other options too if the right fit arises

Has 1 sweet well behaved cat that would need to accompany should a live-in nanny position be considered

Can also help with housekeeping, errands, garden help, cooking, and transportation.
Happy to provide references!

Please email Misha at [email protected]

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