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Pedagogical Leader

Mar 15 2017 | Austin Waldorf School | Austin, TX

The Austin Waldorf School is seeking a Pedagogical Leader to provide collaborative leadership to the faculty and to direct and guide the development of the pedagogical programs of the school. The Pedagogical Leader supports and inspires the faculty and works closely with the General School Leader and the College of Teachers to guide and facilitate all aspects of the educational program, student life, faculty recruitment and development. The Pedagogical Leader works with the General School Leader to identify budget priorities and ensure the financial sustainability of the school. The Pedagogical Leader also serves as a parent liaison participating in ongoing communication with the parent body as well as supporting the resolution of individual concerns.

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, be an experienced, trained Waldorf teacher with a deep understanding and commitment to Waldorf pedagogy and Anthroposophy. Candidates should have demonstrated administrative, communication, teaching, and leadership skills and experience. Apply online and include a cover letter and résumé with three references.

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