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High School Coordinator

Mar 19 2017 | Waldorf School of Orange County | Costa Mesa

High School Coordinator Job Description
General Statement of Duties:
The primary responsibility of the High School Coordinator is the successful planning, organization, and supervision of the high school in order to ensure a quality Waldorf education for all high school students in accordance with the mission, vision and values of our school.

Role & Responsibilities:
The position reports to the College of Teachers and is responsible for providing day to day faculty and administrative support to the high school consistent with our mission.

The qualified candidate must have Waldorf training, teaching experience, and previous successful leadership experience in a Waldorf context.
Computer skills including: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Experience with processes pertaining to Human Resource management.
College BA or equivalent

The following characteristics are critical success factors:
problem solver: ability to think things through with incomplete data arranger: ability to orchestrate self-assured: confident decisions are right persistent: ability to set goals and use them to guide actions daily empathy: ability to identify with feelings and perspective of others developer: need to invest in others and derive satisfaction in doing so collaborator: operate efficiently and productively in a team environment planning and strategic thinking: able to anticipate needs of the school and plan accordingly

Key Tasks: 1.Supervises HS faculty with support of COT. 2.Ensures positive parent relations: responds in a timely manner to concerns and directs parents to appropriate person for issue at hand. 3.Is a member of the WASC/AWSNA Accreditation team and leads all the necessary actions related to the HS for the accreditation process. 4.Works with Faculty Coordinator to arrange for mentors and evaluators for HS faculty. 5.Ensures a consistent curriculum evaluation and review process. 6.Provides status reports of high school administration matters to BOT. 7.Provides support for HS Information events. 8.Coordinates interviews and student visits with Director of Admissions. 9.Is eligible for the rotating nominal role of High School faculty chair. 10.Supports High School festivals, events and fundraisers such as prom, graduation, HS Arts Festival. 11.Works with HS faculty to determine site requirements and needs such as supplies, computers, phone service, lab equipment etc. 12.Oversees department budgets working with faculty in each department. 13.Oversees fundraising budget to meet amount needed for senior trip. 14.Works with class sponsors on all aspects of the senior trip (forms, visa requirements, insurance coverage etc.) 15.In conjunction with the HS faculty develops and maintains necessary policies for governance of the HS, e.g. student driving, dress code, etc. 16.Reviews all student club proposals and field trip proposals to ensure adequate documentation and safeguards are in place. 17.Manages and administers the Student Exchange Program . 18.Keeps an updated alumni database and creates opportunities to stay in touch with our alumni. 19.Works with Business Manager regarding contracts, documentation, and payments to visiting block teachers and hourly teachers. 20.Works together with Communication Coordinator and lower faculty to set yearly calendar. 21.Works with HS faculty (and lower school point person) to set timetable and block plans. 22.Oversees the College Counseling program working together with the College Counselor. 23.Is the Minute taker at HS faculty meetings. 24.Supervises and supports HS administrative assistant General Expectations 25.Acts as a mentor or coach for others. 26.Acts as a role model for peers and subordinates.27.Supports the Mission and Objectives of WSOC. 28.Understands and adheres to the need for confidentiality. 29.Refuses to engage in personal conversations or other business activities in the presence of school families and refuses to gossip, share information about others or participate in spreading rumors. 30.Completes assignments with a positive attitude, following accepted procedures and practices even when workloads and demands are high.

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