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early childhood but open

Mar 27 2017 | Seeking | out of california where I choose if I want to vaccinate or not

Dear waldorf community, Im 37 today! My journey has been challenging as a single mother but my vision has remained strong. My vision is to work within a waldorf school or space where I can assist a seasoned teacher in the daily life of the young child. My love of waldorf is strong and my desire to grow with it is a constant. I am hoping to find this position for the new school yr in the fall and we will move out of california with our things and build a new home within a held community where I can work and my children can go to school. My son is in 2nd grade currently and my daughter will be 4 in Oct. We have been forced to homeschool this yr and truthfully it is not for me. We live on one income and Im finding it very hard to meet everyones needs. Like i said the vision is strong to dedicate my time hopefully fulltime or close to it within an environment where my children are thriving and I am learning deeply the ways! We are ready to go to our new location by summer and get settled by fall. Please let me know if you need a good quality assistant that is hoping to further her trainning as much as i can. I am working on completely my lifeways trainning here before I go. Thanks you and be blessed, Theresa
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