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First Grade

Waldorf inspired Coop needs 1st-2nd Grade Teacher

Apr 18 2017 | Greenwood Tree Cooperative | Mount Vernon

General Description
The Teacher will guide the children through a Waldorf-inspired curriculum uniquely crafted to meet the needs of both first and second grade children in a shared class. Curriculum to include Language Arts, History, Math, Science, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, and Practical Arts, or handwork. Our school and community prefer to follow the Waldorf style teaching method of using main lesson blocks to structure lessons, which allows the student to fully immerse themselves in the topic of study and create their own book based on their personal experience of a subject or lesson. Teacher will orchestrate the rhythm of the day by leading the children through each activity and the associated transition periods. The Teacher will make every effort to utilize the diverse resources and talents of the parents to enrich the program. The Teacher is responsible for seeking out and using such talents, and for creating a climate in which parents will volunteer their talents.
Teacher responsibilities:
• Develop and plan the curriculum and daily schedule.
• Organize the classroom, materials, equipment, etc.
• Remain primarily responsible to the children.
• Direct parent helpers as needed with help from the Class Representative.
• Act as a consultant regarding children’s development, progress, and difficulties.
• Communicate with the parents on matters relating to their children in the classroom.
• Participate in the general classroom orientation for parents, discussing school procedures and how parents can effectively do their part in the program.
• Uphold the values of Greenwood Tree Cooperative School and honor parents’ contributions.
• Constantly evaluate the program and procedures and maintain good communication with the Coordinating Circle or Board through weekly meetings (or as needed).
• Keep abreast of developments in education and related fields.
• Provide documents for all credentials, certifications, professional memberships and training.
• Be a steward of positive relationships and goodwill between Greenwood Tree and the general community.
Teacher Duties:
• Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of class.
• Greet students as they arrive to class and be present in the classroom.
• With the help of parent helpers, do daily classroom set-up and cleaning.
• Provide a syllabus to the board that outlines each season and the year (general themes).
• Attend and participate in weekly Staff Meetings; present overview of next month’s or season’s curriculum to administrators.
• Lead or attend and participate in Parent Meetings as needed.
• Provide regular communication to parents stating classroom activities, themes covered, and any other relevant classroom information.
• Distribute paperwork/information as needed to parents.
• Help plan and conduct the Fall and Spring Open Houses.
• Attend and help plan Orientation evenings as needed.
• Attend and help with planning and facilitation of seasonal festivals as a representative of the school.
• Teacher will lead Parent-Teacher mid-year conferences.
Anticipated Start Date: Fall of 2017
Salary: Dependent upon experience
To Apply: Submit a letter, resume and three professional references to Greenwood Tree, [email protected] or P.O. Box 543, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. Position is opened until filled.

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