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Music specialist

Apr 19 2017 | Yuba River Charter School | Nevada City, CA

Starting August 2017
Yuba River Charter School
Join the first public charter school in the United States guided by the Principals of Waldorf Education. Nestled in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, Nevada City is a charming historic mining town with old-fashioned Victorian neighborhoods and a diverse population.
The job of Music Specialist is to provide music instruction for students of YRCS, grades 1-8, as well as offer music support to class teachers. The Music Specialist will be instructing in a variety of musical contexts: violin, recorder, pentatonic flute, and singing, as well as instructing students to recognize, read and understand music notation for recorder and violin, at developmentally appropriate times. Patience, punctuality, conscientious work and dependability; prior teaching experience. BA degree preferred.

Starting at $21.30 - $22.30 per class. 14 classes per week plus conference money, prep periods, reports & meetings. Monday - Friday following school schedule.

Send resume and letter of intention to:
[email protected]
Yuba River Charter School 505 Main Street Nevada City,
CA 95959 OR FAX: 530-265-6070
For more information go to our website at:

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