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Pedagogical Administrator

Apr 20 2017 | Waldorf Academy | Toronto

Pedagogical Administrator
Full-Time Job Description

The position consists of three core areas of responsibility:

I. The management of professional development (PD) committee’s activities and projects
II. The management of the curriculum committee’s activities and projects
III. The management of the teaching schedule and substitution needs
I. Professional Development Committee Management


1. Lead/oversee and strengthen the mentoring/collegial support program of W.A.
2. Lead/oversee and strengthen the evaluation program of W.A.
3. Lead/oversee and encourage faculty/staff to engage is continuous PD by attending conferences, workshops and observing other teachers (at W.A. and other schools).

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Teacher Mentoring – organize and oversee program, including:
1. Matching new teachers with the appropriate mentor by skill, personality, etc.
2. Matching veteran teachers with the appropriate talking partners
3. Overseeing that mentoring logs are kept
4. Checking in with mentors, mentees and talking partners about work together
5. Providing support in case of conflicts in the relationships
6. Providing an outline of expectations and responsibilities of roles
7. Facilitating periodic meetings among mentors to share experiences, collaborate
8. Ongoing assessment of the progress, accessibility, and efficiency of the program: self-evaluation checklist by AWSNA; program survey for feedback

2. Teacher Evaluations - organize and oversee processes, including:
1. Organizing and scheduling appropriate in-house or (if necessary) external evaluator
2. Producing/administer documentation for each evaluation process, including:
i. self-evaluation (filled by the teacher being evaluated)
ii. evaluation form (filled by evaluator)
iii. parent feedback survey (craft, disseminate, collect and process responses)
iv. colleague feedback survey (same as parent survey)
3. Organizing payment of the evaluator with the BOM (invoicing)
4. Collating evaluation feedback and
5. Meetings with teacher to go over evaluation then develop a PD plan based on the evaluation

3. Professional Development Workshops and Conferences
1. Organizing and overseeing all for individuals including summer and throughout the year: this involves looking at the needs of each teacher and looking for workshops, conferences that meet their specific needs

2. Organizing Peer visits:
i. This is a means of creating an atmosphere of shared respect, collaboration, honoring and being aware of one another’s gifts and learning from each other.
ii. The two questions we ask ourselves when going to visit a colleague’s classroom are:
1. What can this teacher do better than I am able to do as a teacher myself?
2. What can I learn from this teacher?

3. Organizing school visits: Communicate and organize PD opportunities to observe other teachers in the region.

4. Organizing and overseeing all PD days and work weeks:
i. PD days involve looking at the overall picture of the school and the needs of the faculty. Some years have a theme.
ii. Work week involves organizing and looking at what we need going forward. They are an opportunity to take the time to delve more deeply into discussion and planning of programs, scheduling, or school organization. PD workshops can also happen during workweeks.

5. Organizing any student teachers or visitors:

6. Overseeing PD budget in conjunction with Business Manager and Childcare Centre Supervisor
i. Tracking each faculty member’s PD budget for conferences and workshops
ii. Approving PD requests
iii. Tracking how many students are in the part-time training program
iv. Tracking budget of PD Days
v. Tracking budget of evaluations
vi. Tracking budget of outside mentors
II. Curriculum Committee Management

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Work with teachers on their annual block rotations, curriculum descriptions, objectives, skills, activities and assessment for each grade level and subject – collect every term so the course descriptions are done for report cards

2. Work with a committee – one meeting a week with members working on various projects

3. Organize and maintain curriculum resources in faculty library – ensure resources stay organized, oversee school-wide resources, give relevant materials to teachers

4. Offering curriculum support to teachers: developing ideas, clarifying objectives

5. Take up curriculum related study – e.g. homework, balance in grade eight year, SCOPE program

6. Work on curriculum development and move forward developing programs – Science curriculum, benchmarks, SCOPE development

7. Create the master daily schedule – look at teacher’s credits, crossover of lessons, balance and flow of day for each grade and teacher.
III. Teaching Schedule and Substitution Needs Management

1. Set all grade school teachers’ weekly work schedule, including:
a. lessons
b. duties
c. on-calls
d. mentoring meetings
e. committee meetings

2. Book substitute teachers for all teachers (including KG and aftercare)

3. Organize substitution/on-call schedule and inform all staff.

4. Oversee and authorize substitute teacher’s payment.

5. When necessary, do the substitution when no one is available or last minute.

How to Submit:
Please send cover letter and resume by May 19, 2017 to:
[email protected]

No phone calls, please

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