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Interim Head of School

May 19 2017 | Berkeley Rose Waldorf School | Berkeley, CA

Berkeley Rose Waldorf School is excited to be searching for an interim Head of School to shepherd our organization in its next phase of growth.

The Interim Head of School will report to the Board and would help the school develop critical organizational structures, systems and capacities to support sustainable growth and optimal functioning in the school's next chapter. The intention is to hire a consultant who, over the course of 1-3 years, can assist the school to develop capacity for sustained growth and effective self governance.

Berkeley Rose Waldorf School is an expanding, urban Waldorf school, founded in 2009 by a group of committed parents. Located in the intellectually alive, “international” town of Berkeley, the school is surrounded by a creative, engaged and artistic culture that boasts the renowned University of California, Berkeley. We actively strive to open our doors to an ethnically, racially, culturally, and socio-economically diverse population of students and families. We offer the gift of Waldorf education to children growing up in a highly-modernized culture sorely in need of a back-to-basics, holistic education with human touch. The school is dedicated to providing a loving education that honors and protects childhood, instills a lifelong love of learning, upholds values of diversity and inclusion, and supports the individual journey of each and every child.

BRSW has experienced strong growth in its first eight years. Now serving an enthusiastic and committed body of parents, it offers nursery through elementary grades education to 120+ children and the school aims to add a grade each year to become a nursery to eighth grade by fall of 2021. The curriculum includes Spanish, Mandarin, Games, Violin, Eurythmy, and Handwork. Located on two campuses (Nursery and Elementary School), the school is currently working to bring the whole school under one roof.

Drawing on familiarity with Waldorf Education in action, provide guidance for the school to integrate Anthroposophy’s pedagogical wisdom with progressive organizational practices in our evolving world.
Support the school in developing a strategic plan for improving organizational functioning (decision making, communication, conflict resolution, etc...). Responsible for driving the execution of strategy with faculty, board and administration.
Work in concert/consultation with key personnel/constituents (Administration staff, lead teachers, Board) to propose and execute decisions that support the future growth and fiscal health and efficient functioning of school.
Provide skillful and attuned leadership for faculty. Assist in the development of process and capacities for establishing shared expectations and vehicles for addressing conflict.
Introduce and champion practices for faculty body to support their development in areas of self-care and developing balanced load of work.
Create structures that empower decision making processes throughout the school so that, over time, pillars (faculty, admin, board) of school can work more effectively in semi-independent ways. In short, help to establish “actualization hierarchies” vs. either “domination hierarchies” or a wholly consensus driven process.
Help to improve existing systems to ensure effective outreach, enrollment processes. Maintain and build enrollment based on an understanding of school identity and on market and demographic research.
Hold over-arching vision for the needs of parent community, ensuring that appropriate communications and processes are undertaken to provide an exemplary level of responsiveness and service.
Work with Board to set conditions for an eventual unification of school sites in 2019.

In addition to providing strong and visible oversight of the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the school, the Interim Head will also have the opportunity to work with committed faculty, staff and board members to lay the groundwork for the school’s continued success.

In order to successfully drive the critical initiatives above, BRWS seeks an Interim Head of School with prior demonstrated success working to help develop and strengthen a Waldorf School organizationally. Waldorf education experience preferred, but not required. The successful candidate would ideally have both educational and administrative leadership experience.The school is less interested in a dogmatic, overly prescriptive approach, instead aiming to strengthen the core functioning of the school in both collaborative and pragmatic ways. The Interim Head must be proactive, proficient and enthusiastic about offering a progressive Waldorf education.

Strong candidates for this position will have a high level of energy, integrity, organizational, communication and collaboration skills, with a deep love of schools and of working with young people and families in and out of the classroom.

The ideal candidate will be ready to roll up his/her sleeves to tackle whatever challenges or projects—large or small—that need to be addressed and to take ownership until the best solutions are found. S/he must be open-minded and comfortable with managing change. Flexibility and a sense of humor are vital, as is the ability to work well across the many constituencies within the school community.

Exceptional leadership skills and the ability to work collaboratively with teachers, parents, and board members in a variety of areas
Favorable results/outcomes in both administrative and educational leadership, with a deep appreciation for the culture and values of the school, and ability to creatively problem-solve
Experience with developing school messaging, marketing campaign, community outreach.
Prudent fiscal management, financial acumen, understanding of profit and loss, and experience developing and managing budgets
Proven ability to build enrollment
Demonstrated ability to hire and retain talented faculty and staff
Strong team-building skills, and with the ability to sustain and nurture unity and strong morale among and between faculty and staff
Capacity, when deemed appropriate, to communicate executive level decisions with clarity, attunement and empathy for those affected.
Proven experience actively engaging in the life of a school community

Contact: Stefan Klocek (415) 999 - 2600
Or submit cover letter and resume electronically to [email protected]
Berkeley Rose Waldorf School
2515 Hillegass Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

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