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First Grade

Lead Teacher - First Grade

Jun 06 2017 | Waldorf School of New Orleans | New Orleans

Grades Faculty Job Description

The Waldorf School of New Orleans (WSNO) is an independent school that believes education should nurture children to become individuals who are whole in body, intellect, and spirit. At WSNO we strive to develop balanced individuals who are able to create a life full of meaning and purpose. To assist us in that goal we are seeking a Lead Teacher for our 2017-18 First Grade class.

1. Meeting the Needs of the Children

The Class Teacher is responsible for bringing a grade specific curriculum in accordance with the principles and methods of Waldorf education, specifically:
● Preparing a school-year schedule of subject blocks (block rotation)
● Researching source materials for subjects
● Developing educational objectives for each block
● Preparing daily lesson plans
● Evaluating student work and providing block assessments
● Provide on-going guidance and support and assessing the evolving needs of the children in the class
● Maintaining a healthy and orderly classroom environment

The Class Teacher is responsible for forming and maintaining a healthy social life in their class, specifically:
● Interviewing prospective students and their families to assess the appropriateness of Waldorf
● Education for the student, and to convey an understanding of the principles and methods of Waldorf education to parents
● Addressing student social skills both in and out of the classroom

2. Meeting the Needs of the Families

The Class Teacher is responsible for incorporating the student families into the school life, specifically:
● Planning and conducting at least three parent meetings per school year
● Helping parents learn more about the principles of Waldorf education and the needs of children
● Providing student progress reports in the fall and parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring
● Writing year-end class summaries and student assessments by June 10th

3. Meeting the Needs of the Community

The Class Teacher participates in the activities of the school community specifically:
● Participating in and coordinating school festivals
● Participating in school outreach events

4. Meeting the Needs of the Faculty

The Class Teacher participates in the management of the affairs of the school, specifically:
● Attending faculty meetings
● Serving in faculty management positions
● Serving on school committees
● Contributing to administration and management tasks
● Abiding by decisions of the faculty and the Board of Trustees
● Attending the annual faculty/board visioning meeting
● Being available the first two weeks in August and attending the work week

5. Meeting the Needs of the Teacher

The Class Teacher makes a commitment to self-improvement, specifically:
● Working with a mentor
● Participating in annual self-evaluation/peer-evaluation process
● Conducting annual class evaluations by parents
● Developing professionally through reading, conferences, and workshops
● Developing personally through an on-going study of Anthroposophy


The work of the Class Teacher requires minimum qualifications:
● Bachelor’s degree or equivalency
● Waldorf Teacher Training certificate or near to completion in Waldorf Teacher Training
● Experience working with children between the ages of seven and fourteen

The Waldorf School of New Orleans is located in the heart of one of America's most historic and intriguing cities, the 'birthplace' of jazz music and home to a unique cultural life that includes year-round festivals culminating in the world famous Mardi Gras parades and celebrations. New Orleans, with its sub-tropical climate, offers opportunities for outdoor recreation in beautiful City Park and Audubon Park, along with walking and bicycle paths along the legendary Mississippi River.

Founded in 2000, our school, a developing school with WECAN and AWSNA, serves over 100 children in Early Childhood and Grades programs with exciting plans for growth into a new and larger site in a historic and diverse section of the city. New Orleans is also home to an urban Camphill initiative - Raphael Academy and The Guild, serving middle-schoolers through young adults with special needs. The local Anthroposophical Study Group has been meeting bi-weekly for over 35 years.

The Waldorf School of New Orleans offers a competitive salary, health benefits, mentorship, professional development, and full tuition remission for children of full time employees. Please see our website at www.waldorfnola.org.

Interested candidates are asked to please submit their letter of interest, resume, biography, and 3 letters of reference to:

Teacher Search Committee
Waldorf School of New Orleans
517 Soraparu Street, #101
New Orleans, LA 70130

e-mail: [email protected]

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