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6th Grade Teacher

Jun 19 2017 | Mountain Song Community School | Colorado Springs

Mountain Song Community School (MSCS) is a community of families and educators dedicated to the conscious evolution of the whole child utilizing developmentally appropriate holistic education that nurtures body, mind and heart. Our aim is to bring forth healthy, confident, free-thinking, self-directed children who are passionately engaged with their education and empowered to contribute positively to the world.

Job Description Summary: The Classroom Teacher is responsible for bringing a vibrant waldorf-inspired learning experience into the classroom.

Reports to: Executive Director
Job Status: Regular Full-time

Essential Duties:
Responsible for ensuring that classroom and curriculum meet Waldorf pedagogy and Colorado Academic Standards.
Evaluates and maintains complete and accurate files regarding the students’ academic progress and physical, social and emotional growth, and communicates with parents or guardians on the individual student’s progress.
Plans and evaluates daily lessons that are developmentally appropriate.
Identifies the needs of groups of students, as well as individual students, and provides for continuous assessment of their ability and differentiated instruction to meet individual needs.
Provides instruction, organization and management in the classroom, which creates a respectful environment conducive to learning.
Supervises students both in and out of the classroom in a respectful and positive manner.
Responsible for appropriate use of space, equipment, and material storage.
Responsible for creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment within the classroom and the school.
Adheres to all school systems, protocols and policies that are developed.
Maintains professional competence through participation in school provided in-service activities and/or self-selected professional growth activities related to job responsibilities.
Initiates, plans and participates in parent/guardian conferences and other contact, including a minimum of three class meetings per academic year, as well as sending written information home monthly about class activities.
Fulfills other reasonable duties as prescribed by the Director, including home visits with new students.
Registration in the manner provided by law during employment.
School Participation And Teamwork:
Arrives at work on time, punctually attends and actively participates in all required meetings and training.
Required to be a respectful, cooperative, and reliable team member and participant in school activities.
Responsible for communicating and coordinating with subject teachers regarding lessons, child behavior, parent communication, and reports through regular meetings.
As in traditional Waldorf Education, Teachers will loop with students
Participates on required committees as prescribed by school policy.
Participates in the assessment and planning of curriculum development and other programs to meet the needs of the school.
In addition to the outlined job description, will perform other duties as assigned
Performance Standards:
Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree (preferred in elementary education or related subject)
Waldorf certification preferred
Meets “Highly Qualified” designation - statewide test
Classroom experience

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