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Grades Teacher Part Time

Jul 12 2017 | Threefold Village | Los Angeles, CA

Job Description - Grades Teacher Part Time

Grade 1 Main LessonTeacher

Grade 4 Main Lesson Teacher

About the Organization
Threefold Village is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization with a mission committed to cultivating and nurturing an inclusive form of Waldorf pedagogy within the diverse homeschool community of Los Angeles, California.  We support parents, families, and educators. One of the biggest challenges homeschoolers face is consistent and connected community.  We help to overcome this challenge by offering Waldorf-centric enrichment services and specialty courses in subjects or formats that aren’t possible in the home.

About the Role
This is a rare and unique opportunity to do rewarding work for a deeply appreciative community, while leaving yourself time to pursue other interests or further your education.  Because our services offer 2 and 3 day programs, as well as single subject options, our teachers have flexibility during the week and on weekends.

Preferred Qualifications
• Experienced Grades Teacher
• Waldorf Certified
• Single or Multi-subject credentialed teacher
• Able to introduce handwork, art or craft as a part of topical instruction
• Experience managing a classroom
• Experience managing parent relationships

Minimum Qualifications
• Experience teaching Waldorf Pedagogy (Not necessarily in a school or institution)
• Waldorf Certified or on your way to becoming Certified
• Ability to manage students, classroom and parent relationships
• Excellent Communicator
• Passionate about Anthroposophy/Foundational Studies
• Willingness to undergo background check and fingerprinting
• Excellent Collaborator - Must be a team-player

If this sounds interesting to you, please email a cover letter and your resume, as PDFs to [email protected]

Thank You!

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