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Aug 01 2017 | KALLIAS | Distance

Hello. I am Marg Beard and I have been working with children for over 30 years and during the past 25 years I have been bringing the principles of Waldorf education to my work as an outdoor educator, music teacher, Waldorf homeschooling parent, tutor, and remedial support educator.
Through my private practice, KALLIAS, I offer Waldorf parenting and homeschooling workshops, one-on-one and distance mentoring sessions, and 'The Extra Lesson' to private individuals, Waldorf-inspired, alternative and public schools, homeschooling groups and community organizations.
My husband Phil and I homeschooled our three now adult children from birth through the high school years and co-founded ‘Rosewood’, a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling group which ran for 15 years. I held the position as Director for Applegate Waldorf-inspired School, Paisley, Ontario; a mentor for the da Vinci Waldorf-inspired Alternative Public School, with the Toronto District School Board; and a faculty member of Chiron, a Waldorf initiative providing workshops for parents and teachers.
I am presently an active member of the mentoring teams for both the Foundations in Anthroposophy Distance Education Course - taking the lead on the Waldorf Parenting and Homeschooling stream, and the part-time Teacher Education Program offered through the Rudolf Steiner Centre, Toronto (RSCT); an educator at the RSCT Summer Festival of Arts and Education; and am co-Director of the RSCT Healing Education and Remedial Training Program (HEART).
If you are interested in exploring the option of distance Waldorf homeschooling and parenting mentoring, please contact me at:
[email protected]

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