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Kindergarten and Early Childhood

Seeking Nanny - Live-in or Local

Aug 05 2017 | - | Pasadena, CA

Thank you for your interest! We are a family of three. Our son is two and a half. We currently have an au pair who has lived with us for 2 years, but her term is ending at the end of August. This year we participated in our local Waldorf's parent and me, and are interested in having someone care for him who understands the philosophy and can incorporate that into his routine. Our schedule is typically 8-5 Monday through Friday. He enjoys taking walks every day, playing, climbing, watering the veggie garden and going to the park. He goes to the library for story time with his two best friends (no joke! we met in a mother's group) once a week as well as a music class. If you are interested, please e-mail me.

Best regards,
[email protected]

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