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First Grade

Grade 1 -2 Teacher

Aug 15 2017 | Heartwood School | Breadalbane, PE

Seeking creative Waldorf teachers for our new Waldorf school in beautiful Prince Edward Island for the 2017-18 school year. The person who takes up this role will carry a combined Grade 1 and 2 group. The Grades Teacher will be a full-time, active member of the school’s Faculty. As this is the founding year for our school, applicants with experience teaching mixed grade classes are especially welcomed. Ideal candidates will have Waldorf grades teacher training, experience teaching a Waldorf Grades Program, and have a strong passion for Waldorf education. Candidates who have a serious interest in Waldorf education, are experienced educators, and have a willingness to attend teacher training will be considered. This key position will play an important part in the continuing development of our school, which will be offering Kindergarten and a Combined Grade 1-2 class for the first year.


1. Meeting the Needs of the Children

The Class Teacher is responsible for bringing a grade specific curriculum in accordance with the principles and methods of Waldorf education, specifically:

● Preparing a school-year schedule of subject blocks (block rotation)

● Researching source materials for subjects

● Developing educational objectives for each block

● Preparing daily lesson plans

● Evaluating student work and providing block assessments

● Provide on-going guidance and support and assessing the evolving needs of the children in the class

● Maintaining a healthy and orderly classroom environment

2. Meeting the Needs of the Families

The Class Teacher is responsible for incorporating the student families into the school life, specifically:

● Planning and conducting at least three parent meetings per school year

● Providing student progress reports in the fall and parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring

● Writing year-end class summaries and student assessments by June 10th

3. Meeting the Needs of the Community

The Class Teacher participates in the activities of the school community specifically:

● Participating in and coordinating school festivals

● Participating in school outreach events

4. Meeting the Needs of the Faculty

The Class Teacher participates in the management of the affairs of the school, specifically:

● Attending faculty meetings

● Serving on school committees

● Contributing to administration and management tasks


The work of the Class Teacher requires minimum qualifications:

● Bachelor’s degree or equivalency

● Waldorf Teacher Training certificate or near to completion in Waldorf Teacher Training

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