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movement, outdoor education, physical fitness

Aug 23 2017 | Seeking | North East

I have always been passionate about getting children involved in healthy living by incorporating exposure to games, fitness and the outdoors. For the past four years, I have taught backpacking leadership, adventure based programming leadership and general health and wellness at Penn State University. Prior to teaching at Penn State, I worked at Hulbert Outdoor Center where I mainly did teambuilding facilitation and environmental education for elementary age students. I also have a long and diverse history with sports and am currently pursuing a youth fitness certification. I am in search of a position where I can use my energy to share my love for the outdoors while also teaching children how to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. I have had a small exposure to Waldorf education during my time at Hulbert, and am currently researching more about what Waldorf education truly looks like. The exciting part of Waldorf education is the experiential and holistic approach to learning, which I think helps children grow immensely in confidence and skills. [email protected]

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