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Kindergarten and Early Childhood

Waldorf Charter School in South Florida

Aug 25 2017 | Gardens To Life | South Florida

Teachers Needed for Waldorf Charter School in Florida
It's with great enthusiasm and joy that I tell you that we have some very interesting teachers and families contacting us already with the desire to join our Charter school in south Florida!

We are seeking for Kindergarten and Grade teachers to start a Waldorf Charter School in South Florida, in January 2018, somewhere from Delray to Treasure Coast Area. We can start with the Kindergarten and some grades and add others afterward. We will apply for the School Board from Kindergarten until 12th Grade. We can also have, aftercare, extended day, and summer camps available.

Our objective is to start meeting now to start planning and organizing our school. Have some activities for this end of the year, and initiate our work with the children as a private schoo or Co-Op, while we submit proper paperwork to become a Charter School.

A Waldorf inspired Charter School is already operating in Gainesville- Florida and we have great chances to have our paperwork approved easily. We can also apply for special grants available to start/ set up our school. Even with a charter school operating for grade classes, we still can always have a Mother and Child Program, Nursery for the little ones and a Waldorf Kindergarten.

We will have some conference calls, meetings and activities starting in September to work and enjoy great special moments together. Teachers, Families and even teachers/ volunteers from other states willing to help us, please give us your email so we can add you to our conference calls. Will be a gift if you want to join us:
• Conference Calls: 2 to 4 times a month
• Once a month family meeting in park or beach for fun and relaxed time together.
• September or October: have a teachers and families 2-4 days Encounter in south Florida for curriculum evaluations and preparation- to be approved by the Florida School Board.
• Lantern Festival with the play of the Lantern Girl, performed by parents and friends
• Thanksgiving: potluck dinner, campfire, games for the children...
• Advent - Spiral of Light celebration
• Winter Fair (for fundraising and joyful moments)
• Christmas play "The Shepherds" for the children performed by parents and friends

We are looking for very enthusiastic and warm teachers and families to join our team: lead Waldorf teachers that are willing to become a Florida certified teacher and/or Florida certified teachers that want to take some Waldorf teacher trainings.

Our objective is to have indoor rooms and also a very special, warm and welcome outdoor area for some outside classes as play gardens, edible gardens, fruit trees, pond, gazebo, woods and hopefully a pond for the children to have fun. We can start renting a church space or community Garden for the following Festivals and first activities for the children.

We can also offer Nature based activities for children and teens on some Saturdays and have summer camps. We'll rent spaces in our property on the weekends for special activities and extra income.

Our curriculum will also include:
Edible Gardens for all grades, handwork, woodwork, visual and performing arts, games, physical education, sports for the middle school, yoga, chorus, and string ensembles/ orchestra...

I really believe in outside play and edible Gardens and many outside activities for all children. My Master thesis was about the importance of the outside play for physical, mental and spiritual health.

To build our Charter School curriculum, one of the books we'll use is: " Gardening for Nutrition" from Florida Agriculture in the classroom". It's a 'Comprehensive guide for Florida educators designed to teach health, science, language arts, math, music and other subjects using a school edible garden'. It has the Florida Standards and it was elaborated by Florida Department of Agriculture and USDA. It's a guide that has curriculum options for 1st -8th grade. Can help us a lot. Really great! We can use it to have ideas to make our own curriculum uniting it with the Waldorf Curriculum. If you are interested to help us prepare the paperwork for the Florida School Board, will be great! Hopefully you can find it online, if you don't, please let me know so I can scan it and send it to all of you.

If you have any other source containing the Florida Standards, that can help us to combine it with the Waldorf curriculum, please let us know. We will meet in September or October to make considerations on how we'll unite both curriculums to be something really special for our children and also be approved by Florida School Board.

If you are a teacher and want to work with us, please join our conference calls, and start thinking how you'll teach your own classes combining the Waldorf Curriculum with the Florida Standards. What the School Board wants to know, is why we want to teach differently, and that is what we have to start working on. To teach in our school, you'll need to have the Florida Certification for the grade/ subject area you want to teach.

Our Vision and Mission:
We won't use any animal products in our school for classes and meals. It's a pleasure to say that our school will be vegan! Please check our website for more information: Gardens2Life.Org

For Interested Families: Please send us an email to Goyana Ferreira: [email protected]

For Teachers - To Apply:
Please email a cover letter about your interest area, resume andfour references (in a single file) addressed to Goyana Ferreira : [email protected]
If you have already, please include the Florida Certification for the grade/ subject area you want to teach or please let us know when you intend to have it.

We look forward to receiving your application! Will be a gift to build this very special school united!

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