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Personal assistant and nanny

Sep 30 2017 | Seeking | Lucas valley CA

I am seeking a mothers helper and nanny for my 6 year old daughter who has just started at Marin Waldorf. We seek a family oriented and artistically talented nanny. Someone who loves hiking and the outdoors would be happy here however being ok with visiting sf on the weekends via bus should be comfortable to you. It's a 2 hour bus ride. Room and board are included for free with min wage for hours spent nannying and doing personal assistant tasks to a wellness doctor. Chores include housework, cleaning and organizing. Must be clean and tidy as a person, no smoking no drinking please. We live with a large dog and if you like to walk dogs great! Most of all we want you to be happy and stay atleast a year with our family. We are open to grandmas applying and particularly and also people who live near who don't need room and board. We are a gluten free dairy sensitive family and support a non toxic way of life and are a hardworking entrepreneurial young couple working in technology. Please contact me at 408-685-1681 or email [email protected]

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