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Middle School Opportunity - 2018/2019 school year

Oct 09 2017 | Seeking | USA

Master's of Education graduate with BA degee in Religious Studies (minors in both Philosophy and English) seeks opportunity to certify as a Waldorf Teacher for grades 6-8, and concurrent employment in any capacity. Currently living in Portland, OR. Willing to relocate.

Single mom with 100% full time custody of 11 year old boy. Recently withdrawn from public school, and engaged in a 5th/6th blend Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum lead by me with assistance from a devoted grandmother (who comes along if relocating).

Willing to begin preparations and self-directed learning activities immediately, and welcome guidance with regard to leading my son through the transition from public to Waldorf at age 11.

Master's of Education Program aimed at teaching Tibetan Buddhism to Children. 4.0 in Program.

[email protected]

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