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High School

Short term Guest Teachers at Penang Waldorf School

Oct 19 2017 | Penang Waldorf School | Penang, Malaysia

Looking for Waldorf Teachers to teach in Science and Mathematics in middle school (Grade 6 to 8);
Also various subjects in high school (Grade 9).

Here is a brief introduction of Penang Waldorf School. This is a small Waldorf-inspired home school founded in year 2012 by a group of parents who believe in the goodness of Waldorf education towards the development of children. The school currently accommodates about 60 students from Grade 1 to 8. The school is growing year by year, driving by the demand from parents who are getting aware of the importance of helping the children to grow up in a wholesome education system that take care about the soul, spirit, and thinking development according to the stages of age.

In the coming year 2018, we will start our first batch of high school for the class of Grade 9. Since we are lacked of experienced Waldorf high school teachers in Malaysia, we are looking for the just graduated Waldorf teachers from your esteemed institude to become our guest teachers to teach the Grade 9 students in main lesson blocks, also the Sciences and mathematics for middle school students (Grade 6 to 8).
Besides teaching the students, we hope the guest teachers will conduct some sharing and discussion sessions with our in-house teachers to talk about the knowledge in Waldorf teaching pedagogy.

We will offer the guest teacher return flight ticket, accommodation, meals, rental car, and monthly allowances for daily expenses. The term of working will be 3 months preferable, or 2 months in minimum. The working hour is from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

We welcome the candidates who have the enthusiasm in Waldorf teaching and desire to explore the ASEAN foods and cultures to come over to Penang, to inspire and to be inspired.

If you are interested, kindly contact me at [email protected]

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