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Kindergarten and Early Childhood

Seeking Waldorf Early Childhood Educator

Nov 05 2017 | Red Earth Waldorf Kindergarten;Sedona Children's Garden | Sedona AZ

The Red Earth Waldorf Kindergarten is seeking a Waldorf Trained Early Childhood Educator to assist/co-teach alongside our seasoned teacher/director ... in training to become our new lead teacher for the 2018-19 school year.

Our present lead teacher< Miss Charity, is the founder and director of the program and is a Waldorf trained Kindergarten teacher, Remedial Therapist, and Rhythmic Movement Specialist. Due to this there is daily mentorship that comes along with this position, which would make it perfect for a young, committed and capable teacher. Along with this, one would have the opportunity and time to slowly connect with and ground into a new community and classroom as an assistant/co-teacher, and not feel the pressure of jumping right into holding the full needs of such a program..

The Red Earth Waldorf Kindergarten; Sedona Children's Garden is a private early childhood program with an intimate classroom of 15 children (ages 3 to 6) whom are held daily with intentional love and guidance by one lead and one assistant teacher. We're nestled close to the red rock mountains of magical Sedona ... where we daily, joyfully grow, create and play in our warm, cozy, colorful classroom and two engaging outdoor play yards.

Our early childhood program is now in its 28th year of serving this lively community of families. We also have a growing private sister Waldorf inspired grades program; Running River School, which most of our children move on to when graduating from our program.

If you have interested in this position please send your resume, letter of intent, and hopefully a recent photo if you would ... so we can begin to take the first step of getting to know you.

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