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Waldorf Teacher / Class, Music, English & Korean

Nov 21 2017 | Seeking | Washington State


My name is Haley Kim. I was born and raised in Washington, but as my family moved back and forth between WA and South Korea a few times, I was able to experience both cultures, adapt and understand them naturally. I'm currently living in South Korea, teaching here at a local Waldorf school.

After coming to Korea, I had great opportunities to travel to neighboring Asian countries and meet educators from several countries through international seminars and conferences as well. I would love to share this side of the world and my personal experience with the young souls at your school.

I have a background in music education. I have worked as a class teacher and music teacher at a non-Waldorf school but I've been working as a subject teacher for almost 3 years at Busan Free Waldorf School located in a port city called Busan, South Korea.

I haven't completed my Waldorf teaching certification but I am actively engaged in coursework at the moment. I've only started it this year(2017) but I know this is something I'd love to continue doing in my future. It would be amazing if I could continue my career at a Waldorf school in the U.S.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Haley Kim
[email protected]

I'd love to send you my resume, letter of interest, and professional references.

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