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Artist, Yogi, Farmer, Hand Craft Artist

Nov 26 2017 | Seeking | Mendocino/Sonoma Coast

I am a Fine Artist, Yogi, Educator, Farmer, Gardener and Musician. I have many years experience working with children in Summer Camp, Volunteering in Elementary Classrooms, Early Childhood story time and art education. My skill set includes: Sewing, Beeswax candle making, singing, farm to table cuisine, Bees Wax Modeling, Hand building with clay, Pottery Wheel Throwing, Painting, Drawing, Natural Plant Dyeing with fiber cloth (continuing to learn about this) and sewn felt crafts. I feel inspired by nature, outdoor education, music, creativity, exploring the outdoors and making art from basic natural materials. I enjoy making materials and handcrafts that are both functional and inspirational. [email protected]

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