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Nov 29 2017 | Seeking | Cabuya, Costa Rica

We are looking for a responsible vegetarian or vegan young individual to spend quality time, approx 40+ hours over 6 days, with our 2 1/4 year old daughter beginning December 10th, 2017, but could be flexible with a later arrival in December. In exchange for this you will receive free room & board, free wifi, bi-weekly laundry and linen service, basic toiletries, 3 gourmet vegetarian or vegan meals per day, live in one of our Tropical Modern Zen Jungle lofts at our 40 acre Unique and Magical Private Yoga Retreat and Yoga Teacher Training Wellness Center, The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica. You will receive a stipend of $100 a week and $300 for the week when you will need to leave the country to go to Nicaragua to review your tourist visa every 90 days. You go on the visa runs with the interns who are here on a Culinary Internship learning to cook. It’s a fun excursion to a cool beach surfer town called San Juan del Sur. You will be living with other young people in our off-the-grid small jungle kula. This is also an opportunity to learn more about yourself and go inwards as opposed to filling the spaces in life with meaningless distractions and virtual reality. If you are interested in an active social party environment rather than being off-grid and 1 kilometer from the road then this is definitely not for you. But if you are interested in educating and playing with a vibrant and inquisitive 2 year old, as well as have an interest in yoga and meditation, self-inquiry and discovery, while being full-on in the bosom of Mother Nature then this might just be the perfect opportunity and place for the next phase of your journey. You will have one free day per week where you can design your own day and go to Montezuma, Cabuya, or Santa Teresa towns or just relax in a hammock or by our waterfalls or pool.  This is the daily schedule that takes place while I'm teaching students during yoga teacher trainings. The hours are not consecutive but rather 8:00-9:00am, 10:45-2:00pm, 3:45-6:30pm for 6 days a week. During yoga retreat weeks the schedule will be a bit different with slightly less hours since I am not in the classroom all day long. You must be a lover of wild nature, including bugs, spiders, bees, sometimes strong sun and heavy rains. Email Liz at [email protected]

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