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Lower Grades Teachers

Dec 04 2017 | Raleigh Oak Charter School | Raleigh, North Carolina

We, the Raleigh Oak Charter School (ROCS) Board of Directors are pleased to announce the opening of our school, inspired by the principles of Public Waldorf Education, fall 2018. The school will be located in central Wake County. ROCS will be the first public school to be based on the principles of education proposed by Rudolf Steiner in North Carolina, one of four in the east, and will be a part of a growing movement of similar programs in the US which now number greater than 40.

ROCS will open with three kindergartens, two first grades, two second grades, and two third grades. Our target population for year one is 200 students. We have identified our Administrative Director and Education Director (a veteran Waldorf teacher and consultant). Both have excellent leadership skills, a commitment to bringing the principles of Waldorf Education to the public school arena, and the enthusiasm to guide this project.

We are currently accepting applications for kindergarten, first, second, and third grade classroom teachers as well as specialty teachers. The teachers will remain with the class (loop) from first through fifth grades. The base salary range is $38,000 – $55,000; health insurance and retirement benefits will be provided.

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and is a culturally rich and diverse city. Called “the City of Oaks” Raleigh is located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina midway between the Appalachian Mountains and the emerald coast. Raleigh has miles of paved trails for cycling, and walking, and the 5,599 acre Umstead Park nestled in the center of Raleigh, where groomed and single-track trails accommodate cyclists, hikers, joggers, walkers and equestrians. The city is home to art, history, and science museums, restaurants for foodies of any inclination, micro-breweries, theatre, and a robust night life.

If you are interested in bringing your vision of Waldorf Education to the public school system and want to help shape the future of children who await their academic experience, please consider joining us.

Submit applications to:
Raleigh Oak Charter School raleighoakcharter@gmail.com with the subject line Employment.

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