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Seeking a loving nanny for two girls in Los Altos, CA

Dec 06 2017 | Private home | Los Altos, CA

We're a Waldorf family that has recently moved to Los Altos, CA. We're looking for a very special person to join our happy home. This person will be kind, strong, and warm, and will become an honored teammate in the raising and care of our girls. We hope to find someone who can hold our children with calm authority, and will strive to be worthy of their imitation. We find that by maintaining consistent routine and daily rhythm, we avoid the drama of standoffs and meltdowns. We are looking for someone that will help reinforce and support our family routine, and will enter our home in the spirit of generosity and pitching in. Our previous nanny was with our family for four years before moving on to pursue a career as a classroom teacher. It was our honor to support her dreams, and we would want to do the same for our next nanny. We are committed to an arrangement that is respectful, mutually beneficial, and founded on open communication and trust. Would consider a live-in situation for the right fit.

Please email: khoridastoor at gmail dot com

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