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Pedagogical Director

Jan 01 2018 | Mountain Oak Charter School | Prescott, Arizona

Mountain Oak is seeking a Pedagogical Director beginning July, 2018-

The Pedagogical Director must have a sound educational philosophy, background, and vision grounded in Waldorf education and must be committed to service to a diverse community including children from poverty and special education students. Further, the Pedagogical Director must have demonstrated leadership capacity to guide the school’s curriculum, assessment, teaching, learning, professional development, and student achievement, student discipline as well as an expressed willingness and plan to be accessible to staff, community and students. The Pedagogical Director works closely with the School Director to co-administer and develop the school.

Job Purpose:
The Pedagogical Director in collaboration with the School Director and the Mountain Oak School Board is responsible for the effective educational operations of the school and to foster a culture of positive, engaged learners, and serve as a strong advocate for the school’s core values--including pedagogy and developmental philosophy, employee and parental involvement.

Salary: $55,000 annually, based upon qualifications and experience

Human Resources
Educational Leadership
Faculty Supervision
Student Supervision
Internal Relations

For a more detailed description of the job please email: [email protected]

Beginning January 2, 2018 A detailed job description will be posted on the school website under - Resources - under employment

To apply please email a letter of introduction and resume to [email protected]

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