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au pair south France

Jan 04 2018 | - | south France

I'm a single mom of a 18 month old boy and a teenage girl 14 years old, and i'm looking for an au pair or a live in help, mainly for the baby.

I work 20 hours a week for an NGO, these would be the time needed for looking after my baby and maybe another haf day for personnal stuff.

We live in a rural area 50 min south of the town of Carcassonne, 1 hour away from the pyrenees and 1h30 from the mediterranean coast. buses at 20 min walk, easy. cheap flights from carcassonne to england almost everyday. Around our village we do have things to do, cultural and sports, outdoors activities. We can describe it as a neorural area with heaps of alternative people.

My budget is very low, so the deal would be food and accomodation offered, and the person would be free 4 days a week and do whatever she/he wants.

My request is to find someone who is ok to follow Joachim's pace, to do natural easy activities with him, going to see the chickens, the
lambs in the village, walk around, play. We don't want him to be over stimulated, but to do simple things. He has toys, but doesn't play much. He loves his books. Someone calm would be great for him. He enjoys beeing outside and see the world, and also he enjoys doing and touching, and he definitely loves music and songs.
Helping at home would be a must, just a few little tasks, like doing your part of cleaning, bringing wood inside, look for water at the source, etc but it can be done while looking after Joachim. I just need to feel I'm not the only one doing these stuff!

We have internet but no wifi, but t's ok to plugg a computer, we have no garden but the village is so small it's ok to be outdoor. tv and mobile phone forbidden inside, computers only when he sleeps.

we eat organic food, meat (biodynmic) only a few times a week, but we are very flexible and open minded, so we can adapt to needs.!

to end up with, my daughter Doriane is very sweet and e both speak french and english, she is always happy to play a game, help or have a chat!

we would need to talk a lot before, see what you're looking for, and who we can fulfill everyone's needs.

[email protected]

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