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Special Education Teacher

Jan 29 2018 | Wasatch Charter School | Salt Lake City, Utah

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In its second year of operations, Wasatch Charter School (WCS) is the first school guided by the principles of Waldorf Education in the State of Utah. Nestled in the Salt Lake Valley, only minutes from the many amenities of the Wasatch mountains, WCS provides a public, tuition-free school serving over 600 students from a variety of backgrounds.

WCS brings a comprehensive public education inspired by Waldorf principles and integrating academics, arts, movement, nature and social responsibility into everyday learning. Dedicated to the optimal development of each individual child, WCS will nurture intellectual, social and emotional, and physical capacities through an artistic, hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to core academic subjects which enables each student to blossom into an imaginative, engaged, competent, life-long learner.

Inspired by anthroposophy and Steiner’s developmental model and aligned with the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education standards and the Utah Core Curriculum, WCS offers pre-kindergarten to eighth grade classes with two tracks per grade, as well as a variety of specialty classes including Spanish, Eurythmy, Music, Movement, Gardening, Handwork and Art.

Special Education teachers work directly with special needs students, under the supervision of the Special Education Director to facilitate their academic progress and development. They:
Provide services to special needs students as detailed in the students’ IEPs;
Develop expertise in working with students in a particular subject-matter, e.g., reading, mathematics;
Provide remedial support and instruction to students identified through assessments;
Help coordinate other therapies and supports for students, as needed; and
Supervise paraprofessionals working as aides to students.

A teacher at WWCS should:
Have received at least a bachelor’s degree at an approved higher education institution;
Hold an appropriate license with all required endorsements as approved by the USOE or be on track to complete an alternative licensure within 3 years of hiring;
Have received a certificate in Waldorf education or have experience as a teacher in a Waldorf school or demonstrate commitment to completing Waldorf teacher training within 4 years of hiring;
Demonstrate a strong commitment to the mission, pedagogy and methods of Waldorf education;
Possess a clear and demonstrable concern for the children to be taught;
Have experience in teaching, with an ability to demonstrate excellence in the integration of arts, movement, and project-based learning into the classroom;
Be able to differentiate instruction based on the needs of students;
Understand how to use formative and summative assessment to inform teaching practice;
Have excellent communication skills and an ability to work well with colleagues, administration, and parents;
Be willing to seek additional training and certification, such as the requirements set forth in NCLB for “Highly Qualified” teachers; and
Seek continual learning and self-development.

All WWCS teachers will have received a bachelor's degree at an approved higher education institution and will hold an appropriate license with areas of concentration and endorsements as approved by the USOE (See R277-510, R277-520, and R277-524) or shall be on track to complete the Alternative Route to Licensure (as provided in Rule R277-503). Because the training of teachers in the methodologies and pedagogy of Waldorf education is critical to the creating a true Waldorf education for students, emphasis will be placed on hiring experienced, certified Waldorf teachers or teachers committed to completing Waldorf teacher certification.

In addition to the qualifications for all teachers listed above, teachers who work in a special education capacity with students with disabilities will also have an Endorsement from the USOE and meet the qualifications outlined in IDEA and NCLB.

Visit with WCS website and submit the standard job application, along with a letter of intent and resume to info@wasatchwaldorf.org.

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