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Grades Class Teacher

Feb 12 2018 | Spirit Mountain School | Fallbook, CA

Spirit Mountain School is seeking a warm, engaging class teacher to join our faculty for the 2018-2019 school year. We maintain two mixed age classes and are looking to expand to three next year. We are searching for a Upper Grades Teacher. Dedication to Waldorf education and to the children in your charge, excellence in teaching, leadership, and good communication skills are the qualities we seek in our class teachers. The candidate we seek would preferably hold a Bachelor’s degree, but not required. They would also have either completed a Waldorf Teacher Training program or have significant experience working in a Waldorf school. Individuals who are in the process of completing their Waldorf teacher training are also welcome to apply.

Founded in 2012, our small independent grade school utilizes anthroposophy as our foundation in understanding human development. Faculty and parents work together to guide our own destiny, with an emphasis on collaboration and fraternity, committed to the grand mission of Waldorf Education to uphold the principles of freedom in education. Specialty subjects teachers in eurythmy, Spanish and Mandarin languages, handwork, gardening, and strings help to round out the program created by our class teachers. We are still in our pioneering phase, with steady increases to our enrollment each year to a current total of 22.

Our school is located in Fallbrook, California, in northern inland San Diego County. It is known as “The Friendly Village” and claims the title “Avocado Capital of the World”. With a population of 33,000, Fallbrook is home to many artists, farmers and military families. Interest in biodynamic farming is increasing in our community. Native evergreen oak trees are common in the Fallbrook area, as are chaparral brushland in the nearby mountains. A creek runs through our grades playground and provides many opportunities to explore and experience nature throughout the seasons. We are within an hour of beaches and downtown San Diego. The climate is mild most of the year, with an average daytime high of 76 degrees.

This is an exciting opportunity to help guide and shape our small country school’s future, and to help Spirit Mountain School continue to grow and thrive!

To be considered for this position, please send a cover letter, professional resume, brief personal biography, and three references to Lori Duckstad at lori.spiritmountain@gmail.com.

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