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Kindergarten and Early Childhood

Kindergarten Teacher

Feb 13 2018 | Mountain Song Community School | Colorado Springs

Kindergarten Teacher

Mountain Song Community School (MSCS) is a community of families and educators dedicated to the conscious evolution of the whole child utilizing developmentally appropriate holistic education that nurtures body, mind and heart. Our aim is to bring forth healthy, confident, free-thinking, self-directed children who are passionately engaged with their education and empowered to contribute positively to the world.

Job Description Summary: The Kindergarten Teacher is responsible for bringing a vibrant Waldorf-inspired learning experience into the classroom.

Reports To: Principal
Job Status: Regular Full-time

Essential Duties:
The Kindergarten Teacher is responsible for bringing curriculum in accordance with the principles and methods of Waldorf education, specifically
Preparing a school-year schedule - Block plans of three weeks each
Preparing daily lesson plans based on a daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythm
Guiding children’s activities and providing ongoing support
Assessing the evolving needs of the children in the class
Maintaining a healthy, beautiful, and orderly classroom environment.
Leading developmentally appropriate circle time with a Waldorf understanding of the whole child and the importance of circle work as a foundation for later academics.
The Teacher is responsible for forming and maintaining a healthy social life in their class, specifically:
Interviewing prospective students and their families to assess the appropriateness of Waldorf education for the children, and to convey an understanding of the principles and methods of Waldorf education to parents
Fostering social skills both in and out of the classroom
The Teacher is responsible for incorporating the student families into the school life, specifically:
Parent education about First grade readiness
Conducting parent-teacher conferences for each child two times per year
Facilitating support of Waldorf education through use of Waldorf principles in home life
Offering home visits for new children entering the class

The Kindergarten Teacher participates in the activities of the school community, specifically:
Participating in school festivals
Working with other early childhood staff, and administration to assess and development programs to meet the needs of families with young children

The Kindergarten Teacher participates in the management of the affairs of the school, specifically:
Attending weekly Faculty and early childhood department meetings to address pedagogical, curriculum, and school management issues
Supervising and meeting one hour per week with the assistant teacher
Serving on school committees
Providing written 1st Grade Readiness Observations and collaborating with experienced grades teacher in the 1st Grade Readiness assessment process
Abiding by decisions of the Faculty and the Board of Trustees

Meeting the Needs of the Teacher - The Kindergarten Teacher makes a commitment to self-improvement, specifically:
Striving to practice meditative life
Working with and meeting with the Pedagogical Coordinator.
Developing professionally through reading, conferences, and workshops
Developing personally through an on-going study of Anthroposophy

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree (preferred in early childhood education or related subject)
Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher certification preferred
Meets “Highly Qualified” designation - statewide test
3-5 years classroom experience within a kindergarten/pre-school setting (preferred Waldorf School)

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