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Kindergarten and Early Childhood

kindergarten teacher

Feb 14 2018 | Marudam Farm School | Tamil Nadu, India

Marudam is an alternative school, located on a farm near Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. We believe in integration of children from different background, which creates for an interesting mix of cultures. The kindergarten is Waldorf inspire rather than a purely Steiner led and we work in a bilingual way (Tamil and English). Saying that, as we have a local assistant who's been working in the kindergarten for many years, we are fine with an English speaking teacher, though there is a preference for people with some connection to and knowledge of Indian/Tamil culture.
As we are not a money making entity we cannot offer a large monetary reward, but we are confident that the right person will find plenty rewards in the realms of personal fulfillment and gratification.
Our year starts at June, and application can be received at iamleela_om@yahoo.com till the end of March 2018.
Thank you!

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