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Chicago Waldorf School

Chicago, IL, USA

Full time

Kindergarten and Early Childhood


Jul 5

The Chicago Waldorf School has several openings for Classroom and Floating Assistants for the 2023-2024 school year! These are full-time seasonal positions that offer the opportunity for growth and collaboration. We especially welcome diverse applicants to apply for these positions. Come and join our team!


Classroom and Floating Assistants for Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Assistant works closely with and is guided by the lead teacher of the class. Working together, the Lead teacher and assistant create a warm, joyful and inclusive classroom community. During the morning, the lead teacher supervises the class and the assistant acts as a support to the lead teacher. Lunch and nap assistants supervise a group of ten or fewer children for the afternoon program according to the guidelines established by the lead teacher. In the lead teacher’s absence, the assistant may take on the role of the lead in the class. This position begins in mid-August of 2023 and interviews will happen immediately.

Our Early Childhood Program

You may be a great fit for our Early Childhood Program if you share these values:

·        children should have no or very limited time on screens

·        children learn through play before formal academics are introduced

·        teachers should provide a healthy model for meaningful work and speech that children can imitate

·        outdoor play in all weather is healthy and fun

·        education is to build capacities of independence and empathy

·        risk and challenge are important

·        steady rhythm and predictability are nurturing

·        children are not little adults

·        less talking is better


Ideal Qualifications

·       Demonstrate joy and reverence for childhood

·       Spend time outdoors in all weather

·       Sit and stand for long periods of time, sometimes on the floor

·       Prepare simple snacks

·       Prepare and tidy the room

·       Prepare materials for classroom activities

·       Help with festivals and celebrations

·       Participate in daily song and movement activities

·       Assist children in bathroom and during nap time

·       Knowledge/experience with Waldorf Education and Early Childhood

Compensation & Amenities

The Chicago Waldorf School offers a salary of $29,000, benefits and excellent mentoring. 

We encourage you to forward this job opening to others who may be interested. To apply please send your resume and letter of interest to: recruitment@chicagowaldorf.org.

About the Chicago Waldorf School

CWS, founded in 1974, is one of the most established Waldorf Schools in the United States, offering a full curriculum in grades 1 through 12, and which from its inception committed to remaining in the City of Chicago’s vibrant urban setting. We seek to explore and enrich the Waldorf curriculum through the arts, equity and inclusion, human relationships and the time in which we live. Our work stems from the core values of Waldorf Education.

We have been in our permanent home for five years, the landmark Lyman Trumbull building, which includes 49 classrooms and offices, a gym and an auditorium. Our 100,000 square feet make us the largest Waldorf school in the United States. We are proud to partner with many businesses and organizations in the surrounding Andersonville neighborhood.

Our faculty come from around the world and all stages of life. For new teachers we have excellent mentoring opportunities. Each year our whole faculty receive training in first aid, sexual harassment, trans-inclusivity and 94% of our faculty and staff have participated in year-long SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) seminars. The faculty also study the pedagogical insights of Rudolf Steiner in weekly faculty meetings. In additional to core academic subjects we teach music, German, Spanish, Eurythmy, gardening, parkour, and practical and fine arts. Our families are also international and reflect diversity in all its aspects, but are united in their desire for a developmental curriculum that recognizes the whole child and celebrates difference.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Chicago Waldorf School does not discriminate in its hiring practices, and beyond that has a deep commitment to respect and celebrate the differences in students and staff from widely diverse social, economic, cultural, linguistic, intellectual, racial, educational, and religious backgrounds. There is a sustained effort and clear recognition that our educational excellence and fulfillment of our school’s mission is dependent on embracing diversity in our school community. We seek to fully include and affirm faculty, staff, and students in all of their identities. In everything we do we work toward freedom, responsibility and excellence. The Chicago Waldorf School provides its teachers, staff and families ongoing opportunities to study and discuss aspects of diversity.

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