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Music Teacher

Living Oaks

Dripping Springs, TX, USA

Full time



Apr 27

Living Oaks PEA Music Teacher

This is a very different type of teaching position, for a unique type of teacher. We are looking for someone who: 

·      Is guided by a living relationship with Rudolf Steiner and approaches the child via artistic imaginative practices e.g., teaches enthusiastic and rhythmic threefold lessons guided by principles of human phasic development. 

·      Is resilient, adaptable, and pioneering, given that Living Oaks is in its first year. Intrepidly willing to create new curriculum with children to inspire them for a lifetime. 

·      Deeply respects and consistently studies Steiner’s pedagogy, principles, and practices; explores ways to expand and enhance Steiner’s philosophy.

·      Being a pioneer endeavor, there is always work to be done, from picking up trash to garden digging. We welcome persons with initiative willing to stretch into myriad areas.

·      Helps children learn to be sovereign, creative, and free thinkers through teaching with high expectations and high warmth. 

·      Actively advocates for medical freedom and privacy for all.

·      Follows Steiner’s indications related to race, gender, inclusiveness e.g., diverse boys and girls with various cognitive, affective, and movement abilities included in classes.

·      Feels a deep need to be a vital part of a vibrant community. 

·      Aligns with the culture of a Steiner association founded in a rural Texas town.

·      Enjoys a high degree of responsibility and accountability, and expects that from others.

·      Is highly collaborative and values the depth and challenge of real relationships. 

·      Loves connecting with, being with, and teaching children.

·      And MOST importantly, loves connecting with, being with, and teaching children.

If you feel that list of attributes describes you, here is some background on this position: 

In fall 2022 Living Oaks began as a private education association that follows Steiner. We focus on growing our community with values such as supporting whole family education and health, maintaining open-hearted direct communication, mindful reflective practices, and establishing meaningful life celebrations and practices. We build foundations for critical thinking and engage in meaningful dialogs that result in direct action in service to others.

We built Living Oaks to both be a nurturing place / environment for our children, and also as a hub for a new community. In the five months since we began, we've added a full-time chef who sources local organic food and game for our daily lunch program, a full-time biodynamic farmer, and numerous regular family social events, mom’s and dad’s groups, and a Steiner study group for parents and staff. Animal husbandry professionals teach community members of any age to hunt and process animals in a sacred manner, and to prepare and serve this delicious and nutritious nourishment to our whole community every day. We align with Steiner’s practices related to genius loci, i,e., offering education in rural Texas.

In coming years we will add a Steiner Teacher’s College, a high school, and a Steiner based alternative to conventional four year college. There is much more to the role and the school than can fit into this short description, but if this is appealing to you, reach out and let’s see if we are a fit for each other. Contact Living Oaks at info@livingoaks.life

This position offers a competitive salary, tuition remission and participation in the daily snack and lunch program.

Current positions we are looking to fill are:

Immediate Openings

·      Second grade lead teacher

2023/2024 class year 

·      Kindergarten lead teacher

·      First grade lead teacher

·      Middle School Math teacher

·      Music Teacher

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