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Grades Instructors

Cedar Springs Private Education Association

Placerville, CA, USA

Full time



Oct 18

Cedar Springs PEA is nestled on five wooded acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Placerville, CA. We are part of a rural community with trees to climb and open spaces for creative and cooperative play. We cherish a strong sense of community, a rich festival life, a commitment to compassionate and direct communication and collaboration founded on the tenets of Waldorf education. We enthusiastically welcome colleagues who are interested in building an innovative, inclusive community in which children and adults can collaboratively thrive. 

Our instructors share a commitment to following the indications of Rudolf Steiner and the developmentally sound curriculum he designed. We work through Anthroposophy to find the inspirations we need to meet the children of our time. We welcome like-minded, Waldorf trained candidates to consider joining our community. 

In alignment with our commitment to community health our program is held 4 days (Tues-Fri) in person, with a 5th day (Mon) reserved for administrative duties, prep and outreach either on or off campus. 

Currently we are hiring Grades Instructors.

If you are trained in Waldorf pedagogy (or equivalent) or are on your way to becoming fully qualified and you have a history of collaborative collegial work, parent education and strong communication skills we offer:

-Competitive entry salary (needs based)

- Full tuition remission for FT Instructor’s children

-Financial subsidy and administrative guidance to complete Waldorf training

-Mentoring support

-Teacher Development opportunities with a focus on Rudolf Steiner’s Curative Lectures, through the work of Robyn Brown

-Healthy work/life balance 

Interested candidates please submit a resume, brief biography and references to:

Veronica Gunasekara


Cedar Springs Private Education Association

A Ministerial Project of Phoenix Rising - Awakening Human Potential Ministry

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