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Online and offline Waldorf Teacher Trainers Needed

Xi'an Waldorf Teacher Training Center

Xi'an, Shaanxi Province,China

Part time

$200-400 (daily)



Aug 26

We need Waldorf teacher trainers online or offline who are experts in Anthroposophy, teacher development, art,music,speech and drama,ect.

Xi’an Waldrof Teacher Training Program (grades 1 to 8) started since 2010. The program provides at least two training sessions each year, for each session last 2 or 3 weeks, 3 weeks in summer vacation and 2weeks in winter vacation.

The training center located in Xi’an city, China, which is famous as an ancient capital for thousands of years and Terra Cotta Warriors. Welcome to Xi’an Waldorf Teacher Training Center and welcome to Xi’an.

If you are interested, please Contact us, send a resume and biography to:

xueyuewen@126.com, yangyalee9@126.com

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