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[Priority Listing] Grades / High School Teacher

River Flower School

Espinhal, Coimbra, Portugal

Part time

High School


Aug 26



The purpose of the job is to lead in the expansion of our successful alternative primary school project into a new secondary phase. You will teach topics in English that suit your strengths to two groups of mixed age children (12-13) and (14-16). You will use predominately Waldorf Curricula especially for the younger group, working alongside other teachers and a learning mentor, who supports self-directed work. Must have already taught secondary aged children up to age 16.



The class teacher will:


· Teach two small classes of mixed age pupils ranging from 12 to 16 years

· Use the Waldorf Curriculum to deliver most lessons with additional practice maths from mainstream curricula to enable children to practice their skills

· Assist with initial planning for lesson delivery and time-tabling as well as curriculum planning, setting children’s goals etc

· Maintain the positive ethos and core values of the school, both inside and outside of the classroom

· Lead on communications with parents on academic and pastoral matters

· Provide a stimulating classroom environment, where resources can be accessed appropriately by all pupils.

· Use art, nature and a hands-on approach as key approaches to teaching and learning

· Support children with self-led projects, using a ‘full circle’ learning approach

· Keep records for each child and report to our partner schools that accredit the children’s learning

· Support children with yearly and termly learning plans – adjusting the provision and projects to suit the child’s needs and objectives

·Implement and understand our health and safety and non-discrimination documents

·Report regularly to the Project Director

· Attend regular staff meetings

· Engage in community activities such as school fundraisers and school events when appropriate




River Flower School started off as a part time homeschool group in 2019, established by a group of parents with varied education backgrounds. It is located in a converted stone houses by a beautiful river. The project now serves 30 children aged between 3 and 12, attending 3-5 days per week. Families are a mix of nationalities, hailing from UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia, France and Germany currently. In September 2023 we will expand the academic emphasis upward to meet the needs of children aged 12 to 16. In addition to academics, we place great emphasis on learning in nature; our school has an organic farm, horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits and dogs and is next to a beautiful river and waterfall with acres of mixed woodland.

Our primary focus is to educate the whole human being; creating a space free from comparison and judgement whilst welcoming the value of mistakes so the student can explore themselves and our curriculum freely. We recognise that the students’ health, intellectual and spiritual integration is as important as the academic areas. Children also have ample time and space to follow their own path in a fully democratic method at our partner project Woolfe Forest School, one day per week.

Our current staff have backgrounds in traditional and alternative education and speak both English and Portuguese. They have interests in human rights, international development, dance, music, wood-work, the arts and alternative pedagogies. All teaching at the school is in English but we offer weekly Portuguese lessons to the children.

For the secondary project, children will continue to learn in a topic-based hands-on approach using the Waldorf curriculum but will step up their learning in core subjects (Maths, English, Science) to give them a strong foundation should they wish to apply to university. Highly motivated children may choose to infuse some limited online studies such as GCSE Maths and English into their timetables from age 14, supported by our learning mentor; whilst other children who prefer a practical real-life learning experience will choose to learn more through projects. For example pupils will be able to engage in real-life building of our new round house and help with production in our permaculture farm. All children help on the farm for the first hour of the day, and often this is the best part for us all!

World dance, sports such as football, tennis and basketball, and art/handwork already take place weekly and secondary children will be able to access these sessions as usual.



o  Holds a teaching qualification, ideally in secondary education

o  Has ideally experience teaching secondary maths and science

o  Has experience of using alternative teaching approaches

o  Has knowledge about the functions and background of Waldorf Education

o  Has perfect spoken and written English

o  Has varied life experiences to share with the students, such as travel, volunteering, serving humanity, taking risks

o  Has worked with children from a variety of backgrounds and cultures

o  Has varied hobbies and interests to stimulate the hearts and minds of the students

o  Instil a sense of awe and wonder in the students, enhancing their soul qualities.

o  Is open-minded and flexible

o  Able to work as part of a diverse and energetic team

o  Has a strong work-ethic and understands the extra demands of working in a small alternative school with multi-age and multi-level children


o  Is a trained and experienced Waldorf teacher

o  Has experience of organic farming and animal care

o  Speaks Portuguese (but not essential as children all speak English)

o  Understands other languages such as German, French and Dutch

o  Has understanding of differing international education systems

o  Has experience of project-based, democratic education

o  Has experience in forest schools / outdoor education

o  Is artistic and can inspire creativity and art skills in the students

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