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Summer Camp - Master of Fun & Games

Camp Augusta

Nevada City, CA, USA

Full time



Oct 8

People can have a job, a career, or a calling. Camp Augusta is looking for folks who have a calling. Work, play, learn, struggle and grow in a vibrant community this summer facilitating the growth of children, yourself and others in the community. Just because you can get a job at any camp, doesn’t mean that you want a job at any camp. Camp Augusta is different than most camps because we operate on a structure of flat hierarchy, consensus and intention with every action. We also have many activities that you are unlikely to find at other camps.

We are a residential summer camp located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. We have six sessions during our season, 3 one week and 3 two week, with 90 campers (aged 8-16) each session. Our staff training begins on May 13th, and the main season runs through August 11.

We are seeking a Master of Fun and Games for the summer of 2024!

This position is for the summer, and has potential to grow into an off-season role.

The MFG is part of a team of three, responsible for making wish, wonder and surprise a reality. Their main areas of interest include designing and organizing intricate evening programs and daily Playstations (Augusta’s version of camper’s choice). The limits of what the MFG can accomplish has yet to be seen! This role requires excellent people and group management skills, an organizational and critical mind, as well as extreme creativity. The MFG will teach activities, facilitate story experiences, and be an essential part of our community.

Join us, and become a maker of the magic!

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