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Business Office Manager

The Waldorf School of Atlanta

Decatur, GA, USA

Full time




Oct 12



Business Office Manager 

Primary Function 

The Business Office Manager is an integral part of the School’s senior leadership team and is  responsible for both the financial operations and financial resources of the school. This position  works closely with school leadership and reports to the School Administrator. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

Primary duties and responsibilities of the position include: 

Directing the School’s financial operations, including supervision of all Business Office staffEnsuring appropriate internal controls for the safeguarding of assets 

Protecting confidential information and ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting.Overseeing school business functions, including: tuition billing and collection, accounts  payable, contracting, payroll, human resources, accounting and reporting, regulatory  reporting and compliance, and other business administration activities. 

Developing the School’s annual operating budget, adhering to parameters specified by the  Finance Committee and Board and working with faculty and administrative leadership to  create a mission-driven financial plan. 

Modelling annual Tuition adjustments and increases for review and approval by the Finance  Committee and the Board 

Managing the school’s insurance and overseeing risk management, including cyber-security.Participating in independent school association events and regular professional development  opportunities to stay abreast of best practices. Serving on the Financial Assistance  Committee and the Leadership Teams. 

Work with the Finance Committee and Board of Trustees to achieve the School’s strategic  objectives by: 

• Meeting regularly with the Finance Committee, 

Attending Board of Trustee meetings, 

• Producing regular operating forecast updates for the Finance Committee and Board, to  include analysis of actual operating results versus budget, with appropriate variance  analysis, 

Establishing financial and capital strategies that are consistent with the strategic priorities  of the school, 

• Overseeing the administration of the school’s financial assets; executing investment  policies; implementing decisions of the Investment Committee; and coordinating with the 

investment consultant to ensure allocations are executed properly, and reporting on  performance to the Investment Committee and Board of Trustees. 

Directing relationships with outside financial service providers to: 

• manage banking and investment, 

complete the renewal of annual employee benefits, including medical insurance, life  insurance, and retirement plans including benchmarking against other similar  employers, and 

complete the renewal of external resources to research alternatives and manage the  renewal of the annual school insurance package. 

Ensuring that human resources policies and practices are clearly articulated,  consistently applied, and conform to legal requirements by providing guidance to all  levels of management. 

Overseeing all activities required as part of the School’s annual audit, including  providing the independent accountants with appropriate schedules, analyses, and  documents, as requested, and communicating with the Board Audit Committee  regarding the status of the annual audit and the management letter. 

Overseeing the process for annual reporting of operating information in SAIS, for  AWSNA, as well as annual reporting and related grant funding, when applicable.Ensuring that the School maintains compliance with all state and local  

requirements within the purview of the Business Office functions. 


The successful candidate will possess the following background, skills, and capacities: 

A combination of education background and professional experience equivalent to a master's  degree in accounting, business, finance, or a related field. 

Experience should include a solid grounding in fundamental finance and accounting systems  and procedures; expertise in forecasting and financial modeling; along with significant depth  of experience in financial analysis and reporting. 

At least 5 years of experience in a CFO, Controller or Business Manager role preferred.Demonstrated leadership qualities, with a capacity to organize and motivate people.High ethical standards, keen analytical skills, and a detail-oriented work style.Excellent oral and written communication skills. 

Experience working with external auditors, implementing internal controls, and managing  compliance-related issues. 

Advanced Excel skills, prior experience working in a Google environment, and a strong  working knowledge of business accounting policies, procedures, practices, and financial  software programs. 

• Demonstrated ability to manage and work collaboratively with faculty, and staff colleagues,  as well as the parent community with diverse backgrounds and execute all duties with  demonstrated sensitivity, and an understanding of the diverse Waldorf School of Atlanta  community.

Employment status: Full-time (40 hour/week) exempt of overtime pay (salaried position)  

Work Hours 

● 40 hours/week with occasional evening/weekend meetings  

● Meetings (Finance and Executive Board Committees, weekly Administrative, monthly Board  of Trustees)  

● Other community engagement commitments, as required 

Salary and Benefits 

● Salaried/Exempt 

● Eligible for benefits 


● Hired by the Administrator in consultation with the Board Finance Chair and Executive  Committee 

● Reports to Administrator, with quarterly reporting to Board of Trustees Executive Committee

● Reviewed by the Administrator

Please send a resume and letter of interest to office@waldorfatlanta.org.

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