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Oct 16


I am a certified Waldorf teacher with 14 years of experience along with a BA in Elementary Education and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction. I have been a founding teacher of a Waldorf school and opened my own preschool as well as had the pleasure of preparing other teachers for their school year. I am a student of Anthroposophy and a member of the First Class. I am a lazure artist and I love to sing. I am looking for my next journey! 

Open to remote academic or artistic lessons (handwork, form drawing, clay modeling, painting, music, main lesson, or focused academic work). Mentoring via web or in person visits, block teacher, summer camp teacher, pod leader, pedagogical support/servant leader. I adore Waldorf and wish to continue this important work. Please reach out if you need support or think I may a a good fit for your needs 🤗 


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