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Human Relations Manager

Threefold Educational Foundation and School

Chestnut Ridge, New York, United States

Full time

$55-75k (annually)



Nov 6

Threefold Is Hiring

Human Relations Manager

Threefold Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Rockland County, New York, is seeking a full time Human Relations Manager to facilitate and support all key personnel and human resource functions. Threefold is a multiprogram entity, including K-12 and adult education programs, a working biodynamic farm, a community café, a rooming house and thirty-five residential properties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

•    Support and guide developments and implementation of Human Resources initiatives and systems

•    Provide counseling on policies and procedures

•    Support program administrators through active involvement in recruitment and managing the

hiring/onboarding process

•    Administer benefit and retirement programs

•    Support staff in bi-monthly payroll submissions

•    Ensure company HR policies and practices are applied consistently with equity across all departments

•    Investigate employee issues, complaints and conflicts and bring them to appropriate resolutions

•    Administer required training programs

•    Assist and guide program administrators in performance management processes

•    Maintain employee records according to policy and legal requirements

•    Ensure the organization’s compliance with local, state and federal regulations


•   Human Resources experience required

•   Exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills

•   Excellent speaking and listening skills to share information effectively, while paying careful

attention to concerns and questions from employees and administrators

•   Ability to thrive in a complex and diverse environment and maintain a human-centered focus

•   Strong attention to detail in maintaining records

•   Ability to facilitate difficult conversation effectively with empathy and objectivity

•   Strong organizational skills and the ability to multitask efficiently

The position reports to the Executive Director and coordinates with the Controller and

Administrative Office. Salary range is $55,000 to $75,000 commensurate with experience

To apply, visit www.threefold.org/employment.

For more information, please email hr@threefold.org.

Mission of the Threefold Educational Foundation

Out of love for the essential nature of the human being as a spiritual being, the Threefold

Educational Foundation serves and advances cultural renewal in education, agriculture, the arts, science, religion, and social forms.

Rooted in anthroposophy, the Threefold Educational Foundation maintains a supportive and receptive environment for human growth, practical work, and community life.

In providing a home for organizations, initiatives, and individuals, the Threefold Educational Foundation forms a vessel of collaboration whose substance ennobles the working community, inspires new forms for the future, and radiates out into the world in service to the needs of our time.


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