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Nov 15

Dear Waldorf Teachers and Families,

We are looking for volunteers for our Waldorf Teachers Conference that will be held in January 2024, here in Florida!! 

We need volunteers that can work mostly online (completing our guidelines and forms, et), OR doing phone calls reserving parks and auditoriums for our conference days, et. 


To be a volunteer, you will have a 20 minute orientation class online or a personal phone call for you to be familiar with: 1. Our Conference objectives; 2. tell you how much we have done up to the moment; 3. what still needs to be completed; 4. Which area you want to help us with. 

To be a volunteer, you need to help at least 2 hours per week, with consistency, until the end of December 2023. If you want, you can also join us for a weekly online video call meeting with all volunteers, for us to get to know each other, do a quick report on what was done that week and say a few words on what is still needed for the following week.

Volunteers can help from any country, but need to speak English fluently.

All INTERESTED volunteers that will be helping us for at least 20 hours, will be able to spend the two weeks winter break here with us in Florida, pay for own hotel, and work with us at the gardens, planting food for our conference teachers, also purchasing some food needed, preparing the Conference folders, checking points from applying teachers and registering new teachers, et. Some other requirements will be posted, for those coming to Florida: you can't drink alcoholic drinks, vape, smoke, need to be respectful, polite, et. also have 2 letters of reference from the Waldorf school you are attending (work, volunteer or have your children or teens registered there). et). 

Our Conference calls with all volunteers will be done on Mondays evening at 8pm, EST, (so parents with young children can place them in bed before our meeting). If we have 4 or more volunteers from the west coast, and from other countries, we will hold another meeting on that same day. 

Please talk to your family members, Waldorf teachers, Waldorf families and retired friends that might be willing to help us for 2 or more hours per week. 

Please call us or send us an email until Thanksgiving day, if you are interested in joining our AWESOME TEAM!!

Come and join us!! It will be a gift to have your participation!! 

Goyana Ferreira

Masters in Education 

772 252 1153


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