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We need volunteers for our New Waldorf School in Florida!!

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Nov 15

Dear Waldorf Teachers and Families,

We are OPENING A NEW Waldorf School in Florida, IN January 2024!!

We are making our teachers binder for ALL grades, from “Parent and Child class until 12th grade”, and need interested volunteers to help us with this great new work. You can help us with one of the following:

  1. send us your class curriculum to our email. (take pictures of notebooks or scan pages you have:your main class notebooks, great outside learning games for all grades, arts, handwork, et). You can also send us forms you already have or help us with our school website!!
  2. Do a fundraising event in your own city: maybe a fun Family Day at your own school or park, or at your residential club house,with 1 hour of performances of music and dances, 2 hours with games for different age groups, and soon after, sell some harvest from your food gardens that you can share or offer a potluck lunch!! Profit raised will be sent to purchase our school property!!

Enthusiastic to help us? Please call us today!!

Please invite your family members, Waldorf teachers, Waldorf families and retired friends that might be willing to help us.They might be able to volunteer 1 or 2 hours a week and have fun helping us!

Our first teachers will be the parents and grandparents of our students, that will be volunteers!! We will plant lots of food, also raise lots of chickens at our school property, that we will share lots of eggs and some meat with the volunteer families.

We will also make clothes as an extra profit and fish from the nearby Atlantic ocean for our own consumption. Interested Families, will only need to pay for own apartment rental.

Ready to renew life? Move to Florida and join us!!

We need great, happy, polite and enthusiastic families!!

We are not ready to hire teachers yet, but any teacher willing to move to Florida to start this new school with us, please contact us!!

Please call us or send us an email TODAY, OR UNTIL Thanksgiving day, if you are interested in joining our team. For us to have an idea on how many Waldorf teachers and families are interested in helping us!!


Ms. Goyana Ferreira

Masters in Education from Antioch University

(772) 252 1153


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