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[Priority Listing] Chemistry Teacher - Immediate Opening

Austin Waldorf School

Austin, TX, USA

Full time

High School


Nov 16

Austin Waldorf School is seeking a chemistry and math teacher to join our dedicated high school faculty starting January 2024. Our enthusiastic team of specialists is looking for an applicant who is passionate about the study and teaching of chemistry and can render their subject to high school students in an interesting and accessible way.

In addition to teaching responsibilities, chemistry teachers are responsible for chemistry curriculum development and the management of the chemistry lab classroom. 

Job Description

The Austin Waldorf High School Chemistry teacher teaches four Chemistry block courses to 9th-12th graders, including Organic Chemistry in the 9th grade, Acids and Bases in the 10th grade, the Atomic Theory in the 11th grade, and Biochemistry in the 12th grade.

Classes include theoretical instruction, practical lab activities and time to record lab results and write experimental reports or draw diagrams. The curriculum is based on a foundation of in-class demonstrations, the laboratory experience of the students, and a historical picture of the development of Chemistry. Building on this phenomenological and historical foundation, a full conceptual picture of Chemistry is developed by the 12th grade. In the 12th grade, an elective advanced Chemistry course gives an additional semester to develop the quantitative skills in preparation for college coursework.


  • BS in Chemistry or a related field.
  • At least three years of practical experience with applied Chemistry and one year of teaching experience. Experience with high school students is highly valued.
  • Experience, familiarity, and/or genuine interest in Waldorf education. A completed Waldorf teacher training is ideal.
  • Ability to engage high school students in interesting chemistry lessons by drawing forth concepts out of laboratory observations.
  • Ability to explain and illustrate the connection between observations, chemical formulas, and associated calculations.
  • Ability to demonstrate a competent mathematics lesson in algebra, geometry, or trigonometry.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as excellent collaboration skills.
  • Good classroom management skills and an ability to maintain safety in the laboratory.

To apply, please submit an application athttps://austinwaldorf.org/explore/career-opportunities/

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