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Administrative Director

Coastal Waters Chartered Public School

Exeter, NH, USA

Full time



Nov 18

Coastal Waters Chartered Public School was founded with one purpose - to build a space for all students to grow, learn, and create in community. Through a unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we are here to guide students as they develop academically and personally to achieve their best selves. Our collaborative model ensures that families will be supported and valued, and are no less a part of the journey than the daily school experience. At Coastal Waters, we will ensure a safe space which celebrates each and every member of the community - within our walls and beyond.

Our school is guided by the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

The Board of Trustees delegates the responsibility for the day-to-day operations and management of the school to the Administrative Director, who, in turn works in collaboration with the Pedagogical Director to achieve the mission of the school through a peer leadership model. The Administrative Director supports the long-term and strategic goals of the Board of Trustees and Faculty, providing necessary research, consideration, recommendations, and communication of those goals to the various school stakeholders. Additionally, the Administrative Director directly manages approximately 4 staff members, ensuring team continuity and productivity. As a school leader, the Administrative Director serves as a primary advocate for, and embodiment of, school values and culture.

Minimum Qualifications:

• Five years or more of administrative experience in an educational and/or non-profit setting

• Bachelor’s degree or higher

• Interpersonal, presentation and written communication skills

• Experience and comfort with public speaking

• Aptitude with office software, including Google Suite and Microsoft Office

Preferred Qualifications:

• Advanced degree in related field (non-profit, school administration, etc.)

• Considerable knowledge of Waldorf pedagogy, including administrative and educational principles, techniques, and methods

• Direct experience with supporting non-profit Board of Trustees

• Basic understanding of common social media platforms and digital asset management

• Grant writing experience, or a willingness to engage in this work

• Experience with HR tasks (managing all aspects of employment, retention, and dismissal of personnel, etc.)

• Experience with consensus-based decision-making model

• Familiarity with, or an understanding of, Restorative Justice models of discipline



● Represent the school to the parents, students, and community, in a manner that creates a positive public image and promotes retention and new enrollment

● In participation with the Board and Pedagogical Director, help coordinate the development, implementation, and communication of goals, strategies, objectives, policies, and procedures of the school

● Chair meetings as needed or as assigned by the Board of Trustees, and to actively participate in committee work, ensuring an administrative perspective is reflected in committee research and recommendations

● To serve as the primary contact on behalf of the school for all media relations and legal matters

Parent/Teacher/Student Relations:

● Participate in implementation of new parent in-take process and orientation

● Ombudsperson for staff, faculty, student and parent conflict

● Oversee exit interview process and facilitate meetings with exiting families

● In participation with the Leadership Team, respond to crisis and mitigate any residual risks and concerns

Human Resources:

● Work with the Pedagogical Director and Board to oversee and manage employee benefits and salaries, orientation and training, and employment contracts

● Oversee protocols and process for hiring, retention, and dismissal of administrative personnel

● Prepare employee handbooks and maintain appropriate personnel records

● Oversee mentoring and evaluation of administrative staff

Educational Policies:

● In cooperation with Development Director, coordinate policies and procedures related to admissions, lottery, waitlists, and incoming student records

● Oversee and review distribution of student records and other student documentation

Oversight of Legal Issues:

● Oversee activities related to 501c3 status

● Work with Legal Review Team as needed

● Ensure compliance with state regulations and licensing requirements

● Work with the Pedagogical Director, Board, and its committees to carry out established school policies; to review those policies and make recommendations for changes; to attend meetings, prepare reports, maintain board records, and keep the Board informed on all aspects of the school’s operation

● Represent the school in its relations with local, state, and national organizations

● Facilitate resolutions to issues or concerns in the realms of contracts, site, finances, and logistics

Budgeting and Planning:

● Work with the Pedagogical Director and Board to project for academic program needs, capital project planning, and professional development

● Oversee entire budget and actual expenses

● Oversee and steer the Strategic Planning process, including the 5-year budget

● Exercise fiscal authority and supervise the Business Manager, to ensure effective business, legal, and financial management, to include preparation of the preliminary and final budgets, and monitoring income, expenditures, collections, cash flow, employee pay and benefits, and all required state reporting

Building and Grounds:

● In conjunction with Facilities, plan for future needs of building and site

● Review and negotiate lease agreements as required

● Supervise the Maintenance Director and their work with site compliance, safety, emergency preparedness, environmental quality, contracted maintenance personnel, and campus repairs/improvements


● Actively develop relationships with key donors, alumni, alumni parents, and foundations in conjunction with the Development Director

● Participate in grant writing as needed

● Supervise the Development Director in relation to brand-aligned marketing campaigns and fund development strategies, and monitoring success

● Support community outreach, partnerships/collaborations and assist in the development of formal memorandums and agreements related to such endeavors

General and Administrative Support:

● Oversee administrative communications including the Annual General Meeting, program handbooks, website, and school-wide communication

● Manage, update, and oversee Emergency Response Protocol

● Manage, update, and oversee all health and safety protocols

● Supervise the Admissions Director to ensure consistent and clear admissions standards, proper reporting of enrollment and attrition data, admissions strategies, and social media marketing strategies in alignment with school branding guidelines

• Supervise the Administrative Assistant(s) and their work with school documents, school communications, and logistics

Required Meetings:

• Monthly charter school meeting(s)

• Strategic Planning Committee

• Administrative Team (Chair)

• Board of Trustees

• Leadership Council (Co-Chair)

• Facilities Committee

• Finance Committee

• Ad Hoc committees or task forces as needed

If you are interested in this position, please go to the following link and complete the application. https://forms.gle/hzRui8pwrjYLZL239  

Visit our website, www.cwschool.org, for more information about our school.

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