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Main Teacher - for Year-round Youth Project of Starseed Root School of Traditional Healing

Main Teacher - for Year-round Youth Project of Starseed Root School of Traditional Healing

Southwestern United States

Full time


May 3

There are so many amazing Waldorf- based, Nature-based programs for our young children - and so LITTLE support and resourcing for our youth ages 9-19 years old. I am deeply inspired to help shift this reality around - starting with our daughter / our family and the group we are looking to create. 

We have been homeschooling / unschooling our now 11.5 year old daughter since 1st grade, in a Waldorf curriculum. We are ready now for the next thing for her / our evolution; the creation of a small, very intentional group of 10-13 year olds, led by a Waldorf teacher, or someone rooted in Steiner philosophy.

We are looking to create something BEAUTIFUL for this age group of children - that offers them age-appropriate nurturance and exaltation; protection OF their innocence and protection FROM the distortions of the outside world. 

We are looking for a person to co-create this with us as a "lead teacher" - who understands the developmental needs of adolescents and stands for the inherent value and importance of this evolutionary time in the human lifespan. Adolescence is the most misunderstood and culturally en-shadowed time in our modern reality - and we are calling out for / to a person/s to step into this project - who understands this with crystalline clarity. 

We believe that if we want to have healthy adults in the time to come - we, collectively - must step up and take care of our youth NOW.

We are looking for someone who can commit for at-least a 2-year period of time - and be part of this developing program for the youth on the land that my family and I purchase (the place is still to be determined - we will be purchasing land in New Mexico, Southwest Colorado OR Mexico by this summer).

We are looking for someone:

  • Who wants to participate in the creation of a CULTURAL SHIFT; in the creation of something NEW that our world is in dire need of. 
  • Who is aligned with health-freedom.
  • Who has not opted in - at all - to the belief system of our bodies being weaponized.
  • Who is dedicated, creative, warm and confident.
  • Who knows how to honor the inherent worth of our children / youth. 
  • With an ability to accurately SEE and accurately REFLECT BACK to children / youth who they are. 
  • Who is resilient, positive and embodies what they teach.
  • Who carries great care for what they do and holds a deeply rooted sense that teaching is a calling / service
  • That has the ability to hold healthy boundaries, warmth and healthy expectations.  
  • With knowledge and experience in delivering a Waldorf curriculum and / or a deep resonance with it 
  • That has passion and care for our future generations and their future purpose / tasks
  • Who prioritizes or wants to prioritize regenerative farming practices in their lives.
  • Who understands the importance of animal-based foods for a thriving human race.
  • Who aligns with and respects biological truths.

This vision is just beginning to form - and - I am determined to help birth it into being by early September 2022.

This position is for someone who is open and trusting to step into a co-creative process for something of which there is no "template" to follow.

Compensation is based upon your needs / wants. I support all humans thriving - including financially thriving. This is a cornerstone of all that I do.

I am in the process of completing the development of a Private Membership Association - and so this "program" would have the legal / structural support of this. 

The vision for this project is that -you- would be the "main teacher" of this... leading the children / youth (between the ages 10-13 years old) through a Waldorf based curriculum.... and that -we- the parents of the children, would collaboratively support this project with our specific gifts / knowings in the world (farming, silversmithing, midwifery knowledge, etc, etc). The vision for this is a re-culturing - not a typical "school." Where the adults involved are deeply invested in the children - and the children have an "attachment village" of sorts, where they can rely on, trust the adults to show up in a good way.

We are not fixed on a "main lesson / 4-5 days a week teacher." We are open to creative possibilities. We simply want to create a beautiful, steady container for youth. 

  • Maybe we're land based, Nature based - and /but take group trips to Mexico where many of our relatives live - to learn and work with them. 
  • Maybe we're "unschooling" in a community way 
  • Perhaps we are doing group apprenticeships

We do want a "main teacher/s." And - we are open to ideas.

My website so that you can learn more about my / my family's work in the world is: www.InnateTraditions.com

If you are potentially interested in this vision, this project, in this position, please email me at: Rachelle@InnateTraditions.com Please include in your email:

  • Your name
  • Where you currently live
  • If you are indeed open to relocating
  • What you most resonate with in regards to this vision I share
  • If you are interested in the potential of being the main teacher for this project
  • What your past experience is working with youth 
  • If you are married / partnered
  • If you have children, and their ages

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