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Mental / Soul Health Residence Staff -Overnight Shift 8pm-7am M,W,Th

Inner Fire

Brookline, VT, USA

Full time


Mar 6

Inner Fire is a proactive healing community in southern Vermont offering striving individuals the choice to recover from debilitating and traumatic life challenges, without or with minimal use of mind-altering, psychotropic medications. It is one of the only such facilities in the nation and world.

We are not anti-medication, but have witnessed the horrendous human costs of its reflexive overuse and we know there are other choices which will serve the healing of the whole human being. Our aim is to help strengthen the physical body and the various aspects of the Soul so striving individuals can better digest and manage the challenges of human existence and rebuild meaningful, productive lives.

To work successfully at Inner Fire is to acknowledge that it is not a ‘job’ but rather, a path of self-knowledge and self-development. We are always seeking to learn and grow in our work and lives. We are committed to helping people to reclaim their lives.


Assist residents (Seekers) in maintaining a steady positive rhythm and pace through a wide range of structured daily and nightly activities in collaboration with Inner Fire director and therapists.

Overnight Guides sleep lightly, maintaining awareness and responsiveness to our Seeker’s changing needs throughout the night. They help to guide self and house care, prepare for sleep, and guide wake up and preparations for each new day at 6:15am.

Weekend Guides help with preparing meals, gardening, hiking, cleaning, caring for self, creating bouquets, and other restful, intentional activities to promote presence of body, mind, and soul in a fun, social, and convivial way.


Accompany and closely attend to Seekers experiences and states of mind through all scheduled activities.

Creatively inspire and motivate Seekers to participate in activities and carry out designated responsibilities.

Teach life skills such as self-care, housekeeping, and the art of living in community

Administer medications and supplements as needed.

Facilitate off-campus outings, events and appointments for residents. This includes hikes, swimming, biking, canoeing, and driving Seekers to medical appointments.

Write and contribute to daily shift reports

Attend weekly staff meetings and trainings

Perform checks of resident rooms and belongings as is warranted and needed.

Other duties as assigned.


Must be observant and empathetic in noticing and responding in a helpful manner to Colleagues’ and Seekers’ feelings and needs as an ongoing practice and way of being part of the fluid and dynamic Inner Fire community.

Must be comfortable communicating information and ideas clearly in speaking and writing so that others will understand.

Must practice active listening and discernment. This means giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.

Should be adept at understanding non-verbal communication and social cues, to discern what is in people’s hearts beyond their actions and spoken words.

Must be able to manage one’s own time and sometimes the time of others in a flexible and conversational manner when occasional changes to the structure of our day occur.

Should be able to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong, assess needs, provide and garner support in challenging and crisis situations.

Able to help people with fluctuating needs and states of mind including anger and alternate/perceived realities, to stay grounded and engaged in the activities at hand.

Works well with others both in and out of Inner Fire in ways that build bridges.

Interacts with difficult individuals politely and respectfully.

Maintains one's inner development and self-centering practices so as to stay grounded and able to be one’s best self at work. Able to leave one’s challenges behind so as to meet the needs of the Seekers.

Able to share and turn to fellow Guides for support as Inner Fire is a community for everyone. To bring the choice and do the work of empowering and change we want to support each other.

Enjoy cooking and light cleaning, have basic garden, forestry and landscaping skills, and be able to lead hikes in the forest with at least rudimentary outdoor survival skills.


Share Inner Fire’s mission to offer the choice for people heal with minimal or without psychiatric medications. We believe in the innate healing capacity of the human being.

Flexible and adaptable. This job requires being open to change and variations in the workplace and workflow.

Creative problem solver. This will be required to accomplish each day’s desired goals and therapeutic effects.

Compassionate with self and others. Gentle, self-confident, grounded, and stable.

Calm and Quiet. (This is especially important for the overnight Guide) Able to create and support an environment that facilitates sleep and rest. Sensitive to the nuanced needs of the Seekers.

Self-Initiative. With an understanding of the basic aims of the subject at hand job, the guide is encouraged to use their initiative to achieve the desired aim. They can always seek support from the therapeutic director or those with more experience of the Inner Fire program.

A natural leader. Must be willing to lead, take charge, and offer well considered opinions and direction.

Self-control. The job requires maintaining composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior, even in very difficult situations.

Attention to Detail. Must be careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks.

Must pay scrupulous attention to privacy issues in compliance with existing policy, state and federal law, and the directives of your supervisor.

Must maintain healthy professional boundaries with Seekers at all times. Guides are not buddies but care deeply for the Seekers and practice empathy rather than sympathy which can lead to disempowerment.

Should be physically fit, and able to hike up to eight miles in the mountains (can build up to this)

The combination of a bachelor degree or other relevant education and dynamic life and work experience is ideal.

Preference is given to those with 1-2 years of experience in Health and Human Services, Social Work, Case Management, Mental Health, Addiction services and / or adults tapering off psychotropic medications,

Knowledge and experience in Waldorf Education and Anthroposophically inspired work recognizing the spiritual nature of the human being of having a body, soul and spirit is important.


  • Please first review our website in full at innerfire.us
  • Submit a cover letter and resume to beatrice.innerfire@gmail.com

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $15.00 - $20.00 per hour

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